Sunday, August 30, 2015

East Canyon Reservoir Day 2

 We had so much fun at the reservoir that we headed back for another afternoon the next day.
Kelsey and Anthony rented a jet ski and everyone had a fun time riding on that.
 Megan organized the making of fossils using the sand and plaster of paris. 
The kids had a lot of fun doing this. 

 This silly girl was constantly putting on Lily's puddle jumper.
 We were so happy that Uncle Julio was able to come and spend the week with us. 

 See that sad, crying baby... that is because I was not within arm's reach. 

That night we played a great game of Bunco. I should have taken a picture of the prizes. When you are asked last minute to produce prizes, you will get some very interesting things. 
Games are always fun with the Rabner Clan.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

East Canyon Reservoir Day1

Boating turned into quite the adventure. 
We had rented a pontoon boat in Arkansas last year and had a great time tubing with it.
We thought we would have a similar experience again doing the same at East Canyon Reservoir.
Not so. It was a much smaller boat and it was SUPER windy and there was not a prayer we were going to get much speed or have much fun so we upgraded in the first 45 minutes to the speed boat (which gratefully nobody had rented that day because they only had one). 
It was still super windy and so only half of us stayed and tried to endure through the bursts of wind so that we could enjoy the bits of calm. Our patience paid off and the afternoon was simply beautiful and we were even able to water ski. I have not been up on water skis in probably a decade. It was so much fun! 
 Samantha had so much fun she fell asleep with her life jacket on and a towel wrapped around her and stayed asleep when I laid her in this seat to help with the tube. Silly girl!
 Most of the crew before the wind became too much for some of the littlest ones. 
 Weston was driving and pulling Peter on the tube. Peter had to finally let go when his swim trunks were down around his ankles. It was a good thing there were only 2 other boats on the reservoir so nobody saw more than they bargained for. But, we all had a really good laugh at this!
 There was a lot of playing in the sand that took place. 
The boys started making a sand castle and wanted it just so.
So, the girls started to build one too and a competition was born. 

 I made this dragon around our moat/pond/lake.
 Well those boys were not going to be out done. There is a really big dragon in that picture; it is partially made out of the rocks on the left side. 
Me and my baby girl! She was a trooper with all of the sand, water, life jackets, and strangers. 
It was a day that started out really rough but ended up being beautiful!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Family Pictures and Morgan County Fair

Wednesday while we were in Morgan, we went River Rafting.
It was lovely, serene, fun and I did not take a single picture. We could not take our cameras or phones and so it just slipped my mind to even take one before we left. 
We had a relaxing day of hanging out and having some intense conversations about all sorts of things. That is one thing I have come to really enjoy about the Rabner family, they speak their minds and still love each other in at the end. 

Thursday we took family pictures. 
Ben set up his tripod and a timer and we took a bunch of the whole crew, here is hoping that some of them turned out. Here are some of the outtakes and group shots we did after the large group. 

 It was the Morgan County Fair that week and Thursday's schedule had eating contests, livestock judging and a demolition derby. 
 The livestock fascinated the kids. 
 Lily was selected for a pringles eating contest. She did really well but was not match for the 40 year old 300 pound man that ate the whole can in less than 5 minutes. 
 I had never been to a demolition derby and it was so much fun!
 I love this picture of these two!

Seriously, how is this still allowed. It is the most unsafe, crazy, exciting, fascinating thing I have ever seen. The cars, the crowd, the snacks, the crashes, the unexpected winners. 
I hope this is not my last derby. 
I hear the one in Delta, Utah is one of the best. Maybe one day I will get to go. 

Temple Square and Birthdays

Sunday, July 25th we started our time with the Rabner family.
We went to church and had a lovely time. 
Then we changed, packed up and headed to our first stop- Temple Square.
The tour of the Conference Center was great, even with this many people. 
 We did not have much time but we had to catch this picture before heading on towards Morgan.

 We found this house in Morgan, UT and the price was right with several options for things to do.
It was a great place for us to make some wonderful memories. 
A tradition we have started with the Rabner cousins is to get a birthday cake with all of the cousins names on it and sing Happy Birthday to everyone. It gives us a chance to honor the fact that each of the grandkids is a little older and a little wiser. 
The kids love it and they usually get to pick whatever piece of the cake they want - with some sharing and compromising of course. 
It was a lovely day to what would be a lovely week. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Deer Creek Reservoir

We had the most wonderful time at Deer Creek Reservoir with the Bird Family!
 The paddle boards were so much fun!
I wish we had a video of me getting on for the first time and then within half a second I fell off. 

 Tammy was a champ at holding this umbrella.
 The kids played and played. 

 The Clegg Cruise
 This was a proud moment for Jon!
 Row girls row!
 The adults staying cool in the shade.

 Dad's made some great motors for all sorts of watercrafts.

 That night we took some quick pictures.
 We had mixed reactions to the silly face picture.

 Samantha loves to do this to Daddy whenever he lays on his back! She is a silly girl!
 Fireworks that you do in your yard have been banned in our part of Texas for most of our time here.
Anyhow, after seeing the fireworks on the 24th of July our kids were fascinated.
We bought some and my parents had some and we had a grand time! 

And thus ended our time with the Bird Family and time in Utah County.