Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Arabella's Bath Time

We gave Arabella a bath yesterday morning before church and the boys were so excited to watch. It turned into a family affair. We had to take a picture. Our little Bella (or Bells as Peter calls her) does seem to enjoy the water. She is talking to her daddy right now making all sorts of cute sounds.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Circus Birthday Party

Peter and I were invited to one of his coworkers birthday party. Blake and Hannah Ungren turn 30 just a few weeks apart and so they held a Circus themed costume party. We had a great time! After much consideration we decided to go as the Bearded Lady and a Snake Charmer. The party was great! There were games: whirly ball (like skee ball), balloon dart game, and ring toss. They also had a raffle using rubber ducks (there is a picture of Peter holding ours) and a costume contest. We did not win but there were some great costumes there. They had some great food including hot dogs with all of the toppings even sauerkraut (Peter was thrilled). We left the boys with some friends and took Arabella with us. She wore her cute dress from Grandma Rabner that has a lollipop on it and we said she was a candy vendor. Peter did tie for top score in whirly ball and we won the movie Fever Pitch. We say thank you to the Ungren's for their hospitality and creativity.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainy President's Day Fun

Peter had the holiday off and we had planned on doing something fun. We wanted to spend some time in the yard and then maybe go hiking in Red Rock Canyon but it rained off and on all day and was quite cold. I know to pretty much anyone viewing this blog cold is a relative thing and we have no room to complain. We decided to go to a place called Springs Preserve and play. The boys had a great time seeing animals and bugs and playing in the different buildings. We went into a building focused on design and the employee there gave us some great information about gardens and landscaping. We are hoping to plant our garden the first weekend in March. Peter and I also booked our airline tickets for our trip to Nauvoo this summer with my family. We are really looking forward to this trip. We are spending the first part of the trip seeing church sites and then heading to Chicago to visit Kelsey and Anthony and Alexandra. We have a few more things to finalize but it will be so fun!


My precious Arabella has figured out how to smile and is beginning to coo and make the cutest noises. If Jon hears her babbling he says that she is saying his name. It is really too cute! I had to share with all of you!


I hope that all of you had a great Valentine's day! My sweet Peter hid valentines all over the house, I am still finding them. He was going to buy me a rose bush and took me to the nursery to get it but Joey dumped Jon out of one of the wagons there. He ended up losing the enitre fingernail on his left pointer finger. Needless to say, we left and will buy a rose bush another day. Before that sad incident we had a great day! We went to IHOP for breakfast (the breakfast store as Joey calls it). It was delicious!! We then took the kids to see Thomas and Friends Live on Stage. They loved it, even Arabella seemed intrigued by the lights. Here are some pictures of Joey and Jon from that day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Karate Kids

I thought this was a cute picture of Peter reading to the kids. Jon wanted to hold Arabella so she could see the pictures. Peter is in the middle of being the big bad shark and so he has a bit of a funny face.
We decided to try our boys in Tae Kwan Do (we call it karate class). They took 4 free classes to see if they might like it and if we felt it would work for them. We felt this would be a good way for them to use some energy and at the same time learn to listen and follow instructions from some besides mom and dad. Also, Joey is learning to hold still which can be very hard for him. Jon has been working really hard on paying attention and partcipating for the whole class. Their teacher is great and they are doing well.
Wednesday they wore their uniforms for the first time and because they did well for the whole class they earned their white belts. Friday they each earned their first stripe. After three stripes they will earn their yellow belt. Joey also earned his first star. They earn stars by saving up five of the report cards they earn each class. Jon is almost there, he had a class or two that he did not stay out on the floor long enough to earn a report card.

Jon did not really want to do any of his positions once we got home but he sure looks cut in his little uniform.

Joey is in his ready stance. They are part of the Tiny Tiger class and he almost has the whole oath down. We are proud parents what can we say.