Sunday, January 24, 2016


I went outside of my comfort zone and tried something new with some friends that invited me along on their adventure a last Saturday.
First we went to dinner at Twisted Root Burger- I love that place!
Then we went to Korean Karaoke! 
I may be able to sing hymns decently but I am horrible when it comes to karaoke. 
But I had a wonderful time and we laughed a lot. 
A great memory for sure!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sick Baby Girl

It all started last weekend with a super runny nose.
That turned into a slight cough which kept her home from nursery on Sunday.
That slight cough turned into a horrible cough by Tuesday morning and had mom thinking...RSV.
 After a trip to the doctor to confirm, we have spent days filled with a moody 2 year old who has more boogers and snot than I thought possible.
 Bless her sweet little nose and heart, she knows when she needs a tissue and will come and squawk at you and then point to her nose.  She will even try to blow. 
She did smile for a bit when I let her swing outside. 
Though this picture shows a sad girl (she wanted pistachios with the big kids) wearing her green reusable swim diaper had made her really happy earlier. Whatever! 
The boogers are slowing down as is the cough and I expect a full recovery!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Bonus day

So our school district gave the kids the Monday after New Year's off as well. 

We made the most of it with a little bit of playing games and silliness and then a trip to the Perot Museum. 

 I wish this picture had not turned out so grainy but still it pretty much melts my heart just like this sweet baby girl of mine. 

Oh the  kids played and played. Joseph was hard to catch a picture of  because he was always moving from one exhibit to another but he was super helpful with the girls. 
I was so thankful for one last day to play with the kids before we got back to our routine. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Year's

Due to me working on Christmas Eve our traditional international party was moved to New Year's Eve.  We went with Italian food this year. And oh what a feast we had. 
 These 4 made it to midnight (okay, Arabella was awakened just a few minutes before and fell asleep promptly after this picture was taken). Jon was so sad that he did not make it to midnight, nor would he wake up when we tried to rouse him. 
 Part of our feast included eating eel. It was good! In Italy, they traditionally eat a very large eel.  We had trouble finding eel but finally found these small ones at an Asian market and cooked them up. 
Other parts of our feast included: spaghetti and meatballs, mozzarella sticks, shrimp scampi, manicotti, bruschetta, caprese salad skewers, garlic bread (out of homemade French bread), chicken alfredo, a penne pasta dish, egg plant parmesan, chicken gnocchi soup, biscotti, italian cream cake, and cookies.  We ate italian food for a week. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas 2015 Part 2

A quick change into my new pajamas and we were ready to go- okay we woke up Samantha so the kids did not have to wait forever and I could eventually get some sleep. 

 It was love at first sight. 
 Arabella has been wanting and needing a new bike for a while and we were happy to give her one. Yes, this was from Peter and I.  She was very specific in that she wanted black tires so she could make skid marks with her tires.  Her old bike had white tires and you could not see the skid marks though she was sure they were there. 
 Joseph and Lily came down together by Joseph giving Lily a piggy back ride. 
 Joseph got so many books for Christmas and he was really happy about it. He started reading some of them right away. He was given a trilogy called the Unwanteds and he is half way through the 3rd book. He is a bookworm for sure. 
 Did I mention that she loved this!
 Yes, rare shopkins can be just that exciting!
 This picture is because I am usually the one behind the camera and so there are not that many pictures of me and even fewer where I am not making a strange face so I am posting this because I look rather normal and very happy to be in the moment. 
 She loves it!
 We have our kids draw names and get gifts for one another at a local store called 5 Below (everything is $5 or less).  Lily had Joseph and she got him a Newton's cradle- he was thrilled.  
 I love this picture- Jon is focused on the process of shaking and trying to figure out what could possibly be inside. 
 A girl and her galoshes- they came in handy when we got a ton of rain over the break. 

Christmas was magical!
Santa was really nice and brought each of us a set of warm up exercise clothes for our early morning family exercise routines.  Each child also got a book- we have had fun reading alone and together. 
I loved this Christmas because each of the kids was genuinely happy about the gifts they received and the gifts their siblings received. I am blessed to be their mother. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas 2015

I decided to do Christmas in 2 posts- one with phone photos taken by me and then the camera photos taken by Peter. 
 Samantha loved (still loves) this Frozen ride on toy with a button that plays "Let it Go". I should mention that there is not an off switch, we listened to that song A LOT that morning. 
 Digging into the goods- both stockings and Santa Sacks (these awesome heavy duty canvas sacks Santa brought with most of the Santa stuff fit into).

 Oh Santa, you made this girl so happy with her own sewing machine.
 Sometimes toothpaste is that wonderful that you need to pose with it. 
 Daddy's lap is the best place for checking out the new playdoh and sippy cup. 
 New Anki race car. 
 Shopkins- lots of shopkins!
 I really don't know what she is so excited about but I love her face! It was such a magical morning!
 This is when Jon immediately upon seeing what was under the paper said, "Oh, No!" and passed it to Peter. It was a set of preserved bugs (a set being a male and female beetle).  He had not anticipated seeing bugs and especially beetles that resemble cockroaches a bit.  He teases me all of the time about not liking cockroaches but we learned that he too hates cockroaches and the shock of seeing these nearly put him in tears. After further inspection, he warmed up to them but still does not want them in his room. 
 Joseph's new train set!
Arabella's first project sewn on her machine! 
Since I had worked Christmas Eve, I slept for a good part of the morning. Peter played with the kids and they played with their new toys and games.  Peter then began to work on some book shelves he is building. I have to say that I felt like I had missed out on a bit of the magic of the day while I was sleeping.  I really enjoy my job but I look forward to the day that we find something else that works as well for our family and I can stop working weekends and holidays.  

Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

 Okay the above pictures were not taken on Christmas Eve but I wanted a picture in front of our tree and so the kids held out in their church clothes for a few minutes longer and we captured some good ones. 
Christmas Eve we headed to the North Park Mall and saw the amazing Christmas Train display there. It is also a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital - so you can't beat that. 

 We enjoyed pizza and tamales for dinner and then the traditional opening of Christmas Eve pajamas.

 Those are some happy pajama opening folk!

 I finished Samantha's sock on the 23rd but it did get finished. I love the details. You can not see it well but there is lace on the angel's dress that I hand stitched on. 
 Of all the things in the house, this was what Samantha insisted on playing with that evening. 
 I had to work on Christmas Eve but we were blessed with some carolers from a local church.
This lady had on the strangest skirt and then we were told we needed to watch her as they sang Oh Christmas Tree. Yes, she did a hand stand and that bizarre skirt flipped down and made the tree skirt for the tree which was made from the pant legs.  It was so funny! The picture is blurry because I was laughing. 
Peter valiantly braved these adorable kids on such an exciting night, frosted cookies with the same kids, and then made sure that Santa delivered. 
It was a good Christmas Eve!