Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Fun Day 6

And finally Saturday, the Booth Family headed out that morning and the kids were sad to say their good byes. They had played so much and so well together. 
Then, the Wood family indulged us while we went to some outlets for some family shoe shopping and then we met up with some old friends of theirs and played at this really fun indoor play place. 

Lily and Samantha were the only two who slowed down long enough for me to catch a quick picture of them. 
We had fun playing games that night and enjoying the last of our time together. 
The Wood family headed out on Sunday morning and again we were sad to say our good byes. 
I am so thankful that both of these families made the trip to spend Thanksgiving with us. I hope we can return the favor sometime really soon!. 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Fun Day 5

Friday we braved the rain and cold temperatures and headed to Fort Worth!
We had a great time playing at the Children's Museum! The kids were so well behaved!

Then to the stockyards! These pictures would not swap so they are backwards but who cares.
There was Santa- yea! And there was free face painting and it was really good face painting with sparkles and glitter and stickers incorporated in. 
We ate at the all you can eat rib restaurant. We were glad for some warm food and a warm room. 
Samantha adored her balloon hat and insisted on wearing it while eating her meal. 

We ended our day with a babysitter for the kids while the adults went to the Dallas Stars hockey game. It was my fist pro hockey game and I loved it! 
Peter's company has a set of season tickets which we used and I am certain we will be trying to go to at least one more game before the season is over. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thanksgiving Fun Day 4- The Big Day

 The kids were great about entertaining themselves while we finished our preparations.
They went for a tea party,

 and licorice mustaches

 and playing outside!

 The taekwondo school had a Thanksgiving morning workout and Brady was a good sport and tagged along. He had no idea what he had gotten himself in to. Peter said it was a rough workout. 
We all got  some exercise in that day- Kelsey and Anthony went for a walk and Lindsay and I went for a great run!
And then it was time to eat!

 And then play some more!

 Oh, this man that I love! This picture captures so much! That smile makes my heart race and fills me with eternal joy and peace!
 The food (Lindsay's super nice camera captured it much better)!
 Our eyes were bigger than all of our stomachs but we sure did enjoy having leftovers.
Also, we were only about 30 minutes off of our planned time to eat- I think that is some really good planning. 
Rainbow jello has become our family's tradition for Thanksgiving.

The turkey aftermath!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Fun Day 3

Okay these are from the day before but were too cute.
We spent a little time at the park since the weather was nice. 

 Wednesday did not get documented well, at least not by me but Lindsay saved the day!
The Wood family arrived about 5:30 am after a little confusion with the GPS (who know our house number and street existed in Tyler, TX?!).
We exercised with most of the kids and grown ups and then we ladies after getting ready headed to Central Market to get a turkey and some pies that Kelsey ordered.
It was so fun to walk through that store and be amazed by all of the foods including the octopus pictured below.
 The rest of the day for we ladies was spent doing prep work for the big Thanksgiving day.
 Peter helped keep the kids occupied for awhile with go kart rides.
Also, Brady and Peter took the kids to Sonic and the park at the elementary school. They were in heaven! By this point of the week, poor Anthony was in the middle of a full blown case of influenza. He was such a trooper and tried to participate when he felt up to it. He did a lot of sleeping which was the best thing he could have done. 

It was a great day to remember how wonderful family is and why I am so thankful for my family!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Thanksgiving Fun Day 2

Arabella wanted her cousins to be at her birthday party and so we held it on Tuesday morning.
She wanted a pajama party and so we did our best to make it fun!
She had a lot of friends come.
 Peter out did himself again and created this cake that looks like a really tall bed. 
Each layer of cake matches the frosting on the edge. See below. 

 Each girl decorated a pillow with some jewels.
We played a few games.
 And of course we ate some brunch foods: muffins, bagels, fruit. 
And lets not forget presents.
She had a great day and I was really thankful to have Kelsey there to help out with food, pictures, and keeping me sane in general. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thanksgiving Fun Day 1

We were so blessed to have family come and visit us for Thanksgiving.
Two of Peter's sisters and their families came to town.
Monday, the Booth family from Chicago arrived and we met them at the zoo to start things off since the weather was gorgeous that day!

 Checking out the okapi. Such a fascinating creature. 
We walked, we laughed, we saw great animals and active snakes, we soaked up the sun, Samantha did not scream when Anthony held her for this picture. It was a great day! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Jon turns 10!

I can not believe he is 10! 
Jon rushed into this life and has been soaking it in ever since.
Jon is a people person and is always good for a laugh.
He likes to joke and play and be a bit of a class clown.  But, don't let that fool you, he is smart, inquisitive, a problem solver and likes reading more than he lets on. 
Jon is really good with his little sisters and has a natural love for babies.

 Jon really wanted a screaming death dragon from How to Train Your Dragon 2 on his cake and again, Peter delivered. Apparently, this white dragon is a digger, hence the dirt and rocks as the base of the cake. 
 Being a birthday party year, Jon had his heart set on a laser tag party.
We have not always had great luck with parties for Jon due to his birthday being so near Christmas. 
We thought about having his party in January but he thought waiting would be too much. 
So, on Saturday we made it happen. It was just as easy and an equally great deal to have the facility host the party. He is one lucky kid, I hope he knows that.
Since Lily and Samantha are too little and we had a few other things set for Saturday, I stayed home with the girls and Peter hosted the party!  
 They loved laser tag and Jon was a total ham and wild man.
Jon is always making faces when it is time to take pictures. 
 He really wanted nerf guns for his birthday and so it is great that his friends fulfilled his wishes. 

There will be pictures from Jon's big day and but for now enjoy our amazing second child, the one and only Jon!