Sunday, October 23, 2016

Halloween Fun

A friend sent me a link to some fun Halloween haridos and this one was one of them. I had just purchased a package of rings and so we gave it a try. 
 It looked so good and was really easy. We did Arabella's hair like this the next day. 
 Lily's class has a field trip each month and this month it was to the pumpkin patch.
I forgot my phone in the car and so I did not get pictures of the hay ride but it was really fun! 

 They have a ton of character cut-outs and we took quite a few pictures. 

 I loved this carriage. 
 Lily the driver.  
Samantha was worn out from all of the pumpkin fun! 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Zoo Day

We had Columbus Day off and our zoo pass is about to expire so we took advantage and had a wonderful day! 
 These kids make me want to pull my hair out plenty but I would not trade even the craziest moment with them for anything. It was a really good day at the zoo and they were all so well behaved! 

There is almost always one giraffe that hangs out really close to this spot in the enclosure. It is so fun to see if it will come over and let us touch it. 

At the end of the day, Samantha was all about pushing the wagon instead of riding in it. What a silly girl?! I love my kids and I love that my boys still enjoy a day at the zoo- I hope it lasts a little longer. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Family Camping

I had a Friday night that I did not work (I have worked a bunch lately) and we took advantage and went on an overnight camping trip. 
It was wonderful! The weather was perfect and our friends joined us.
 This girl even found a reusable grocery bag and stuffed some of her clothes in it because the big kids were doing that to get ready. She also was really helpful with unloading and carried the ketchup! 
 Dinner was delicious- dutch oven tater tot casserole. 
We had s'mores of course for dessert. 
 Time for some fishing which lead to many stuck lines and the need for the canoe to get them unhooked. Total we caught 2 fish but neither were big enough to keep. 
 I am not sure who that big girl is but she looks a bit like my baby girl Samantha. 
 Peter in the canoe with his kids! 

 Good morning- nice bed head! 
 Oh she thought she was so cool riding in the canoe. 
The weekend was a success in that we all had fun, the weather was great, and Joseph finished off his canoeing merit badge. I hope we can find our way back to an overnight trip again soon. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Lily's Stand

There is a little boy in our ward that Lily has played with a few times and they create pretend stores or stands.  Well, Lily decided she needed a real stand and told Peter he needed to build it for her. She even went as far as telling him he needed to come home from work early to build it. He came home from work at the usual time and she wanted to know where her stand was. He said she needed to make him some plans. See her plans below. 
 In reality, he had already come up with a basic design and was ready to buy the supplies and build it. 

 (A close up of the plans. The ones on the bottom were mistakes.)
Behold the stand for selling holiday items (that is what she says). She was one super happy girl and I fell in love with Peter a bit more watching him make her dreams come true. 
We have made a few things and I think we will make cookies this weekend and give the stand a try!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Western Days Parade and Missionary Work

Lewisville has a Western Days celebration the last weekend in September. 
There is a parade to go with it. 
Peter decided why not have the missionaries walk in the parade and pass out flyers for an upcoming Family Discovery Day being put on by our stake. It was a great idea! 
 You must have longhorns in a Western Days parade in Texas. 

 The missionaries passed out 400 flyers, 2 cases of Book of Mormons, and a bunch of pamphlets and pass along cards. 
 Joseph is the one inside the giant Book of Mormon box. 
A previous missionary had made this giant scriptures and our ward's missionaries, who are the zone leaders, ended up with them.  We have them at our house now because it started raining after the parade and they were brought inside for safety.  They are really big and really well made. 
I am so proud of Peter and his amazing efforts to further the missionary efforts in our ward. I am praying that they will pay off. 

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Ward Chili Cook-Off

The weekend of Joseph's birthday was jam packed with fun!
First, Peter and I were in charge of our ward chili cook-off and carnival.
I am not a decorator but I think the decorations turned out pretty well. I went with fall color tablecloths and empty glass soda bottles with pinwheels and tickets (game or arcade style) for centerpieces.  
 Each auxillary was in charge of a booth or carnival game- the kids absolutely loved it.  
Peter as the ward mission leader feels it is really important that our activities be more than just a meal and then go but something entertaining or interesting that our friends would like to come.  It is kind of a focus on the social conversion aspect to missionary work. 
 Jon throwing a whip cream pie at Bishop Webster.
 Joseph enjoyed the face painting and then was a carny style announcer for the high priest group fishing pond. 
 Peter made these obnoxiously large trophies for the winners of the chili and dessert contests.  This is Bro. Hammond who won the chili contest (there was a people's choice award as well).  The dessert contest was won by two sisters ages 10 and 12 who made a delicious cake. 
Best looking 2 year old girl in a mustache award goes to Samantha!!!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Joseph is Teenager

I cannot believe he is 13! 
It really does seem like yesterday (okay maybe last year) that we were anxiously awaiting his arrival and then bringing him home from the hospital.
He has been growing from the second he was born and has not stopped. 
He is now wearing a size 12 shoe and outgrew a pair of pants in a month- he never actually had a chance to wear them.  That is what I get for buying for the future or even just this fall/winter. 
He had a great birthday with famous pancakes and syrup for breakfast. He took cinnamon twists to church for his deacon's quorum. Hamburgers for dinner with "hamburger" cupcake sliders for dessert (a yellow cupcake bun, brownie pattie, red licorice pull apart tomato, circus peanut cheese slice, diced mike and ikes for onions and pickles, red frosting ketchup, white chocolate mayonnaise, and green coconut lettuce).
Joseph works hard, is always happy (although he has had a few teenager attitude moments lately), laughs easily and regularly, likes to joke around, is really good at cleaning up when he focuses on it, LOVES to read, plays the viola better each day. Joseph is a joy in our house and was meant to be the oldest! I am thankful for all that he teaches me and his desire to do his best always! He has trials to overcome but I know he will do great things in this life. 
 I love this boy!
 Sporting his new tie!
 "Hamburger Sliders"

 Pretty much the same size foot as Dad!
All dressed up for nerd day at school- he looks great!