Thursday, July 31, 2014

Camping 2014 part 4

This is one of the groups of Daddy Long legs that had gathered on the outside of our tent one morning. 
They are huge there and I learned that they are in the arachnae family but are more closely related to the tick.
 Peter's hammock was loved by all of the kids, especially once he rigged up a strap so they could make themselves swing. 

 Saturday we went to the Hobbs Conservation Park and did another hike (3/4 mile on a paved sidewalk) by the visitor's center.

 Lily was worn out and slept through the "hike".

 Peter really loved this display. 
We also took a drive to the War Eagle Mill. Joey loved it and thought it was really cool.
That night we had our friends the Draper's, who just moved about 25 minutes from where we were staying, join us for some swimming and roasting hot dogs and s'mores.  I failed to get a picture of that. We sure do miss them. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Camping 2014 Part 3

Friday morning we went for 2 short (1/2 mile-3/4 mile long) hikes.
At the end we went to the bathroom and in the chaos of rotating children and switching off a spitty baby the camera was set down and accidentally left by the bathroom. 
We realized about 20 minutes after the fact and raced back to the bathroom (we had been gone for no more than 30 minutes total) but it was gone.
We left our name at the visitor's center and checked there again the next day but sadly it is gone.
I have to say that my hope in humanity has been diminished over this. 
I hoped there were a few more honest people in this world. 
A huge blessing is that I had emptied the camera card just before we left on our vacation. 
 We went for a swim once we returned and the water was wonderful! It is slightly cooled bath water. 
 All of the fun wore Samantha right out. 

 That was a few views of our campsite. It was so lovely with the trees, it helped to keep it in the shade. 
Other perks of the campground were the hot showers, two playgrounds, and electricity-sleeping with a fan on all night made all of the difference in the world. 
Glow Sticks make for babies that look like they are wielding a light saber. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Camping 2014 Part 2

Early Thursday morning we headed to the Marina where we had rented a boat.
The weather was a bit chilly but soon the clouds burned off and it warmed right up. 
 Joey is a maniac on the tube. He loved it and he was really good about going with Lily and holding on over the top of her so she was doubly secured. 
 Jon did not love going fast but he did like riding on the tube and helping out. 
I was the only one to get "bucked off" the tube and it happened twice. 
Arabella loved that there was a radio on the boat as well as room to dance around. 
Peter did a great job driving it!
 The lake was gorgeous- like Lake Powell but with lush green trees everywhere. 
 I took a ton of pictures with our camera that were really good- but the camera was lost on Friday. 
I am so glad I took these pictures with my phone.
 The little family of deer outside of the marina entrance that I saw twice. 
This little lady did quite well on the boat but it took her some time to get used to the life-jacket she had to wear.  She looked a bit like a stuffed sausage.  It was a wonderful day!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Camping 2014

Wednesday we loaded up and headed to Arkansas for a 5 day 4 night camping trip.  
The kids travelled really well considering we took the long way to get to Beaver Lake. 
We stopped to dig for diamonds at Crater of Diamonds state park.  It was about a million degrees out there and so we did not last long. 
The kids all slept really well while we were camping even though it was again hot and they were sleeping on the ground or in a box. 
We decided the pack and play was a bit to bulky to take but this box was the perfect fit for her and to pack gear inside of for the drive. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


We have been swimming at the pool quite a bit this summer. Peter will meet us there after work and we have a great time. Samantha has not actually done more than gotten her feet wet. She is usually sleeping but that is okay. Arabella has recently discovered the lounge chairs and thinks they are pretty awesome. Lily loves to ride on Peter's back as he swims back and forth. I love the beautiful weather we have been having here. It has been the best summer yet in Texas! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Spray Ground

A few weeks ago a friend from church turned 4.  Her mom invited people to join them at a spray ground we had never been to before. It was a great park.  There was the splash/water part, then one playground and a little further down another playground- which did not get too wet because those seeking the water part did not stray to far from the water area. Smart planning on someone's part. 
 I think Lily liked not having any lifeguards tell her to stop running. 

Arabella loved the climbing.  Jon was there but I never caught him long enough to take a picture. He made a friend and spent his time playing with her. 
We will definitely make it back to this park sometime. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

In Summer (sing the title)

It is a Sunday afternoon and we needed something to do. 
Lily has become an expert at pulling out the craft supplies since they were moved from Samantha's room which was the craft/food storage/catch all room. She had begun to pull out the pipe cleaners and on the front of one package there was a picture of a frame that had been decorated with pipe cleaners and so it began.  I made the boys participate and in the end they had an okay time. 
 The girls hung in there a little longer and we made our rendition of Olaf, personal snow flurry and all. 
Now the girls are watching Frozen and the boys playing a game together on Joey's school ipad that he gets to keep during the summer. Everyone is happy so I am not stressing over the fact that they are in front of screens on a Sunday. 
 Check out the chubbers- Love It! She spit up on her dress and I did not get her redressed yet.
 Sweet Arabella
 Lily who can not seem to stay away from her "Manfa" (Samantha) for too long. 
 My Joey is getting so big and I wish I could go back to the days when he was little but I do love who he is trying to become.
Oh Jon, you are a cheeser sometimes but you are always quick to laugh and help others to laugh as well. I hope you always have happiness in your life. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

4th of July

Our 4th of July was a lot of fun! 
I went back to work the night before and before leaving for work began to show all of the signs and symptoms of my turn with the flu- it was inevitable. 
But, after getting home from work we got everyone up, dressed and out the door to the ward pancake breakfast and bike parade.
Peter made some of his famous pancakes - yum- and the bike parade was great (this is the only picture I got, sad) and then we served up shaved ice for everyone. 
 We headed home and changed our clothes to go to our friend's the Ostermiller's for a bbq and swimming.
We have done this for years and we love it! I always forget to take pictures.
 After that, we cleaned up and I took a very welcomed nap. I woke up to Samantha fussing.
When I picked her up she was burning up, it was her turn for the flu!
I called our nurse practitioner and she was kind enough to call in Tamiflu for both of us. 
 In the meantime, we headed to the park with some friends for a glow party (bring all the glow stick stuff you want and wait for it to get dark). It was a lot of fun and we had more shaved ice!
 Samantha threw up on the way over but was a trooper.  I left a bit early and went to pick up the medicine. I lucked out and the roads I drove along were perfect for viewing the big city fireworks display. 
It was a great holiday! I loved having it on a Friday because it felt like we had 2 Saturdays.
I am so thankful for this country and thankful for our freedoms. I pray that as a people we are always wise enough to use that freedom for good and righteous purposes.

As a bit of a follow up, Samantha did really well with the flu. She was a bit fussier here and there and did not like taking the medicine but we got it in her plus she may have been getting a bit extra from me since I am nursing her.  I had a few really rough days but seemed to be blessed to feel better when I needed to, like during church and when I had to work again on Monday. It was truly one of those times that I felt really bad for what my kids had been going through- miserable. So far Peter has not gotten it and I don't think he will. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Swimming Lessons 2014

Arabella was so happy to head back to Mrs. Sigler for another year of lessons.
This year Arabella was the only one to take this year. 

The other girls were great about tagging along.
We are looking forward to next year when Lily can take lessons too.