Thursday, May 20, 2010


  • I love my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. Last Fridy I used it three times. First, I ground some wheat into flour and then I turned that flour into bread. And finally for dinner I used it to make waffles. I love that it is blue, too.
  • I love that my sweet husband gets me a corsage for Mother's Day every year. It is a tradition that I love and hope my children will someday carry on in their families.
  • Asparagus fresh from your garden has a wonderful flavor eaten raw.
  • It is okay to have pancakes for lunch if your 4 year old asks for them and it is okay for them to be gray (using varoious mixes of food color per 4 year old directions).
  • And if your 18 month old sees the pancakes and has the wherewithal to get the spray whip cream out of the fridge while the door is open, then you should put it on the pancakes.
  • The temple is a wonderful place! If you have not been in awhile, I suggest you go soon!
  • The Tooth Fairy should not forget to come but if the tooth fairy does then leave a message saying you were held up at a dental confernece and leave an extra quarter the next night as a late fee and all will be forgiven. (Except, for the guilt you feel each time your child tells someone that he lost a tooth and they ask if the tooth fairy came and he says no.)
  • I WILL learn to receive and recognize personal revelation in my life. I actually have been able to think of times I have felt prompted to do something but I have not always recognized that as personal revelation. I will then teach my children the importance of recognizing when and how the Holy Ghost speaks to them.
  • Don't become concerned if your nearly 18 month old is not really talking because all in one week she will decide to say "Uh-oh, Joseph, Please, Thank you, quack (when she sees ducks or birds), bye bye" and mimic several other things as you talk to her. Go figure!
  • Humidity does make heat feel worse. Although, I still don't think I will miss those 114 days of Vegas.
  • Finally, play until you just can not play anymore. He fell asleep with the game running.(See below picture taken a few days ago when Jon insisted on wearing a sweatshirt even though it was 85 degrees outside.)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

We finally went to this park that we have been hearing about.
Kids Kastle.
Great fun!

There is gravel all over and Arabella loves it. She picks up a rock and hands it to you like it is the most precious jewel in the world, until the next rock 5 minutes later.

Jon is about to cross the swinging balance beam.

Joey standing in one of the castle turrets.
There are slides and swings that make everyone happy.
Jon loves this rocket and you can not see him because he is using one of the 3 steering wheels inside of it to drive it to Mars.
Joey the great conquering explorer guiding his boat.

We also had another pack meeting. It was a Spacer Derby/Rocket Derby. It was really cool. The scouts all did a great job! Some of the rockets got serious airtime.
Peter all dressed up in his scout uniform-shorts even.
This is a bad video of the rocket our family made but you get the idea that it was really cool. The second time we launched it, it did loopty loops and went across the street.
As a quick side note, we have a contract with one of the people that offered on our house in Vegas. We resubmitted all of our paper work to the mortgage company and our attorney's office and now we get to wait for awhile. I hope it moves quickly.