Friday, September 25, 2009

My 6 year old son!

My sweet Joey turned 6 today and had a great time celebrating. It is amazing how much you can learn from your children if you are willing to learn. Joey is a great example of love and desire to be good. He is so full of energy and curiosity. Joey loves learning! As I was thinking about him last night at work as midnight came and passed, I realized that the the Lord new just what type of first born I would need and gave that to me. I pray that as the years pass I will be what the Lord needs me to be in Joey's life as much as he is what I need in my life.
Happy Birthday Joey!
Dinosaur themed birthday party

Oh how the kids liked to lick the dinosaurs clean!

Joey at 5 years old!

Joey's 4th birthday!

3 year old Joey-a little bit of his old curly hair!

Joey's second birthday, the day after we moved into our house and now we are preparing to move. Oh, how our lives change!

Joey about one year old-his first haircut!

A sweet baby boy!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

School Days

Peter wearing Jon's birthday party crown from preschool. They had a party today!
From Joey's back to school night. He was so excited to show us everything. He loves his teacher Mrs. Gardner and we think she is great.

They had a pirate themed back to school night. We had a treasure hunt list of things to find.

Some of Joey's great artwork!

Jon started preschool too and has loved it!

Jon with his teacher Miss Keiko. She is so much fun!

Jonny you are cute!

A girl with skills

Arabella somehow crawled into the hole that is on the bottom shelf of our entry table. She obviously did not mind but we were impressed.
Jon flying a plane "to Africa".

He was very busy repairing the car!

I have not sent any good pictures of our family doing anything for a while and none of Arabella crawling. This is not a great video but she was having fun. Jon, Arabella, and I went to the discovery museum a little while ago and had a great time playing around.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And the winner is...

Dallas!!! Peter actually was offered the job in Texas the day after he interviewed and then within an hour was called by a new company in St. Louis. Peter told them what the situation was and they still wanted his informaiton. This was on Thursday and Peter needed to let Dallas know by Tuesday. We did not hear back from them on Friday so we prayed and felt that Dallas was going to be a good fit for our family. Saturday night we were going to go to the temple for final confirmation. Saturday afternoon St. Louis called back and wanted yet more information. Peter and I left them temple feeling that both places would be good for our family. Bright and early Monday morning Peter had another conversation with St. Louis and they did not know if they would be able to offer a job by Tuesday. Peter, with his amazing faith, prayed that Heavenly Father would make the path clear for us to know and within minutes St. Louis called saying they were sorry but it was not going to work out. That job was most inviting because it is more along the lines of design engineering and that is what Peter loves. Peter called Rick (his new boss) on Monday afternoon and accepted the job in Dallas. Many of you may be wondering what happened to Omaha or does Shellie not know her geography. Well, we were wondering the same thing because they did not call back when they said they would, twice. Well after being unable to get a response through phone or email we wrote them off and still felt good about Dallas. Silly us, that company called on Tuesday asking for another interview. Truly, if you pay your tithing and follow the commandments the windows of heaven shall be poured out upon you and you will not have room enought to recieve it. Today is the 5 month mark from the day Peter was laid off. I never would have thought this experience would have lasted this long but Peter and I both recieved continual confirmation from the spirit that the right job would come in the right time, and it has. There are a million things to get arraned! Our plan is for Peter and I to drive down with a load in a trailer and move Peter into an apartment so that he can finalize finding a house for us. Then we will move the family down. I have spoken with a nurse recruiter and there is a facility opening the end of Novemeber that would be a great place to work. We should be moving the family at Thanksgiving time. This feels long winded but it has been quite the week! My heart is full with so many emotions. We have great friends here in Las Vegas and we will be moving farther away from our families which brings great sadness. Knowing how the Lord has enriched my life through our time in Las Vegas though, brings me peace that Dallas will be a great experience as well.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Peter has been unemployed for nearly 5 months now. He has been diligently searching the internet and contact old engineering buddies trying to find leads for a job. He has sent out literally 100's of applications. Finally, 2 weeks ago Peter had a phone interview with a company in Omaha and today he was flown to Dallas to interview with a company there (thanks Maas' for the tip). We will be anxiously awaiting phone calls and checking emails until we here from them. I must say that the prospect of packing up our house is overwhelming so I am trying not to think of it until it becomes a reality. I am so proud of Peter and I know he will be a great worker for any company that hires him.