Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beat Down and Uplifted

I have several things that I have been meaning to post and pictures to share with whoever reads this blog like Lily's blessing and our trip to the Texas state fair or the first 2 halloween parties we attended (one of them we hosted) but today I had a bit of a beat down.
I should not let things get to me the way that they do but I do.  I am the relief society president and as such I have realized that there are things that I can and can not do as just a woman because someone may get their feelings hurt or feel left out.  This may seem silly but it is something I have discovered.   Today it happened again despite my best efforts and after this conversation my day seemed to go from good to horrible- a steep slope.
Satan is good.  It was mentioned in one of our meetings today that he will find the smallest crack and drive a wedge in so that there is a gaping hole.  I had a great time at ward council- we discusses specifics and worked on how we can help the members of our ward as a council and not so much as individuals.  Really good! Then sacrament went suprisingly well considering we forgot our bag that has coloring books and Friend magazines to help the kids maintain reverence.  Then several things took place that left me feeling defeated, overwhelmed and tired.  A crack and then with each new occurrence that wedge was hammered in.
I did what most women do and I talked it out with Peter, one of my counselors, a friend and then my mom.  All reminded me that I should blow it off and I will (or at least keep trying).
My day had a few silver linings that reminded me of just how blessed and loved I am.  I worked on cub scouts with Joey including helping him make dinner for the family- sloppy joes.  He did great! Peter and Joey did the clean up so that I could go make a visit.  The visit was a very good one- a wonderful contact with 2 set possible follow ups.  My kids happily went to bed and I enjoyed an evening with Peter.  I worked on a few fixes for some of the issues that came up during the day.  I feel that the wedge is being pulled out and the crack is closing.
Finally, I watched a little video tonight and was given that final reminder I needed to focus on those wonderful blessings I have.  I was reminded that Heavenly Father really does know me, He know my heart, He knows my intentions, He knows my limitations and He knows how to push me so that I can grow.  I am not perfect and He does not expect me to be. He asks that I do my best each day and remember the covenants I have made with Him.  I love the concept of a covenant and I cherish the testimony I have that His promises are sure.  With that, tomorrow is a new day and I believe my crack is nearly gone.  I will make tomorrow better and strive to remember all day that I am loved and remind those around of that same thing.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


It was a beautiful day!
Joey was so happy and so eager.
 Peter was ready - a worthy priesthood holder and father that has taught Joey so much that helped him to be ready and to make this wonderful decision.
 We were so happy to support him.  We had both sets of grandparents, my brother Derick with his wife Tammy and there three kids (Carson, Kennady, and Kate), the Larsen Family came up from Houston, the Ostermiller's who are like adopted family, and the Websters, the missionaries, the Nelson's (Joey's primary teachers) and the Bishop.  
 Grandma Rabner spoke on Baptism and Grandma Bird spoke on the Holy Ghost.  
The water was warm and
Joey was baptized and it was great! 
He really did look different afterwards- he was glowing.  
I am so proud of you Joey and your choice to be baptized.
I promise it will be the best thing in your life.  You will come to cherish your membership in this true church and the companionship of the Holy Ghost will guide you throughout your life and provide you comfort and reassurance that you are a child of God.
We love you!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Before I forget...

A few conversations with my kids that must be recorded.

Jon: Mom you are wearing a belt.
Me: Yes I am.
Jon: Girls don't wear belts. Well rockstar girls do.  So you can just be a rockstar girl.
Me: Thanks Jon, I will.

Me: Arabella, I am so proud of you.  You did great at your first dance class.  You are a great dancer.
Arabella: I am proud of you too mom.  You are a good dancer.
(Arabella had her first Mommy and Me dance class last week.)

Joey: Mom, is there anything I can help you with?
Me: No, not right now but thank you so much for asking.
(Unsolicited help from my children is a new thing for me.)

Joey also made us the most sweet thank you card.  When I can make my computer (either one) and my camera happy with each other I will post a picture.  It told Peter and I that he was thankful that we loved him and his siblings.  He really is a thoughtful boy!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

2 Months

To mark her 2 month birthday, Lily slept through the night: 11 pm to 7 am.  
She could not have thought of a better gift for her mommy!
 These 2 pictures were taken a few weeks ago. She was awake and looking at me, so no silly side of the head shots. Now she is more awake each day and more interactive.  I can tell she is noticing and trying to figure out the world around her. 

 She will take a bottle and Joey loved being able to feed her the other night. 
 We have a whole lot of pictures of these sisters.  I hope they always love each other like this.
 Arabella sneaking in for the hug around the neck.

 (I really like the passed out Jon in the background. He was up and playing one minute and out like a light the next with one leg and arm hanging off of the couch.)
 She is so sweet when she is sleeping. 
 Conference Sunday
 This picture is a bit off but it is a bit tricky to capture a smile when you have to make some silly faces yourself to get one.  She has great smiles!
I meant to take a picture of her next to something when she was little to use as a comparison as she grew but never got it done.  I remembered that Peter had held his thumb up to her foot the day we left the hospital and her tiny foot was the length of his thumb and now it is just past it.  
At her appointment on Monday she was:
11 lbs 5 oz and 22 inches long
Yes, that is 5 lbs more than her birth weight exactly!