Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's Talk Texas

*Warning: not to be read if you are hungry or dieting*
If you have never been to Texas, there is a good chance you have never tried Blue Bell Ice Cream. This is a grea picture because some of you out there may be thinking that ice cream is just ice cream right. WRONG! I thought the same the first time I visited Texas (to see the Maas family that is now in Ohio). It is so creamy and the flavors are so good. When I came to see the Maas family a second time, I knew exactly what I wanted while I was here. Yes, I wanted Blue Bell Ice Cream.
That first night when Peter and I finally made it to Texas when he moved, we headed to Walmart to buy food and other supplies and prominently on the list was Blue Bell Ice Cream. It was wonderful! I believe we chose a black berry cobbler.
There are many flavors to choose from but in the running for my favorite we have:
Vanilla (The Homemade version is wonderful)
Chocolate (like someone took the best chocolate in the world and made it ice cream)
and most recently Caramel Turtle Fudge (sitting in my freezer right now and very tatsty).
I promise that if you come to visit me we will have Blue Bell Ice Cream and then when you too fall in love with it we will go to the store and buy more flavors for you to try!
As for other fun places we have tried since moving here (becuase there are so many new restaurants we have never heard of): Babe's Chicken-a wonderful restaurant that offers 5 different types of chicken with family style sides. I recommend the hickory smoked- so tasty and juicy. Cotton Patch Cafe- kind of like Applebee's or Chili's but with a bit of a southern taste to it. They have great cobbler that is only 1.99 (a good deal for dessert). Rosa's Cafe- they have a tortilla machine that captivated my children's attention. The prices were great and the food wasn't too bad either. Freddy's Frozen Custard- we all enjoyed this treat night. Arabella sat between Peter and I. She would finish a bite of mine and turned with mouth opened to Peter for a bite of his and don't you dare be trying to take a bite when she was ready for one. They also serve sandwiches and fries, etc. I will be investigating this sometime as well.
Peter is determined to find the best BBQ place around. I will be sure to keep you "posted" on that research project.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have tried reposting my videos for the last hour tonight and my computer is quite ademantly not cooperating. I will succeed!! (Just not tonight, I am tired.)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Look What I Can Do!

Our Kids have been making us laugh regularly! Arabella will find a kleenex, wipe or napkin and carry it around for 20 minutes playing with it and wiping her nose. It is quite funny to watch, as you will see.

We took the boys to a Black Belt Taekwondo competition the other night and Jon was amazed by the XMA (extreme) forms. He was trying to imitate them the rest of the night. This video is not his best example but it is still pretty funny!

Joey discovered a great trick on my exercise ball. He also figured out that he needs to have his shirt up to give him better "grip" on the ball.


We signed the boys up for Taekwondo again and they are excited to be doing it again. Even Jon, has been happy to go to class and is participating and following rules better. We are at a brand new studio and their teacher is great! I had met his wife at the hospital a few weeks before we started Karate; we were both doing orientation together. Small world?!

Arabella is discovering dolls and I think it is super cute.
And finally, the boys have really be wanting a dog. This is something we have been considering for quite some time. We are not opposed to the idea of a dog. We made a deal with the boys that if they could show they could be resposible by keeping their rooms clean, helping around the house, doing well at school, and being good at taekwondo we would get a dog. Jon also would like to have a fish and a parrot. He tells people that first we will get a "watch fish", then a "watch parrot" and then a "watch dog". I am not so sure how effective a watch fish would be a parrot might at least make noise but we will see about all three.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Jon said to me the other day: "Mom, Arabella has crumbs on her nose and she won't let me get them off."
Mom: "Jon that is because they are her boogers and they are stuck to her face. She won't let me get them off either."
Jon: "Ew, boogers that is yuck!"

I have been a slacker lately with pictures and blogging but I have some pictures of our new Taekwondo studio I am going to get posted.