Friday, May 20, 2016

The Dark Ages and Pure Childhood Light

Last Wednesday, our internet stopped working at our house. 
It is still not working!
We have made so many phone calls it is ridiculous. I am starting to recognize the names of some of the customer service people. 
Yesterday, when I spoke with them I was told it would be back on in 24-48 hours and that the crazy Texas weather was to blame. 
I feel I have gone back in time to the Dark Ages before internet. 
Okay, I have my phone but it is not the same. It is not easy to send long emails from your phone or to check all of the things I would like to check. 
And lets not forget Netflix!

Anyhow, there have been some really light moments in our life lately too! These mostly happened prior to the dark ages of no internet (aka 10 days ago).

First, a tale about Lily.
Peter and I had a miscommunication that lead to one of those conversations where all past wrongs are brought to your mind and you feel the need to be upset about way more than you should be. Anyway, we were in the playroom doorway having an intense discussion (we really were not yelling but there was a lack of kindness in our tone).  We were standing facing each other bout about 4 feet apart. Lily started pushing and pulling at us. We just kind of ignored her and then she pushed me hard enough I took a step forward.  Then she pulled my hand and grabbed Peter's hand and put our hands together.  Then, she continued to push us until we were closer.  And, she looked up at us and said, "Now kiss each other."  I am not sure how she knew what to do but it was what was needed and we thanked her. I felt like we were a Mormonad. 

Second, Jon. 
 He had his end of year choir concert! He did a good job! 
 He led us on a family hike for a cub scout requirement and did a great job! 
But the moment I most want to record is when he without hesitation shared his testimony with a friend. We invited Jon's friend to our ward bbq.  As we were driving there, his friend said something along the lines that we come from apes. Jon did not hesitate but quickly replied, "No we don't. We were created by Heavenly Father. He made us to look like him and put us on Earth." It was a proud momma moment. Jon is a force for good!

Third, Joseph.

This boy was hit by a truck on his way to school 2 weeks ago. He only had a few scrapes and was shaken up. But his front bike tire and viola did not fair so well. We kept him home from school since his nerves were a bit on edge. I made him write his English paper which may have been more painful than going to school. But, the thing I was so thankful for an proud of this boy for in that situation was that he kept his wits about him as best as he could. He was able to give our address and phone number. He tried to call home and left a message (it made me cry later when I listened to it, knowing I was not there to calm him when he needed it). He was able to trust those that came to his aid including a teacher from his school and make it out on top! As a parent, we hope that our children will know what to do in an emergency and this boy did it!

Fourth, Arabella.
This girl has been doing great on all of her school work and dance and soccer. She tries so hard and is so happy about trying and helping out. This week she went on a special field trip for kids that were selected as the League of Leaders.  These kids were chosen by the specials teachers for their outstanding behavior.  She was so excited! I am thankful for her each day and how much she tries and helps out with her little sisters. 

Fifth, Samantha.
 I took Samantha to feed the ducks for the first time.
She loved it. The ducks were not super interested but we had a wonderful time. 
 This soap. She had only removed a few bars of soap from their boxes until last Monday and then she went to town.  All of the soap in our storage is now unwrapped and she has played with it a ton!
Maybe that is what she is resorting to since there is no internet! Just kidding! 
I am so thankful for my family! They are my light! They are my joy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lily's Spring Concert

We had one of those super busy Saturdays a few weeks ago.
It was Soccer picture day, which meant wee needed to be to the soccer field at 8 am to take pictures before our 9 am games for Jon and Lily. Joseph needed to be to his school at 8:15 for a trip to Six Flags with the music department at school. Arabella had pictures at 9 for her team and a game at 10.  Lily then needed to be to her preschool at 9:45 to be ready for her Spring Concert, so she had to leave her game early and change in the car. Life is so fun and busy!

 My sidekick for running around crazy!
 It was adorable and she sang so well!
 Lily and her friend Kiki. 
Mrs. Hammond is the best! I just met with her to discuss Lily and her progress and she had nothing but great things to say about her. She makes a little paper for the parents where she writes a word to describe them for each letter of their name. Lily's were: Loving, Illustrative, Lively, Young.  She said she had never used illustrative before but that it was the perfect word for Lily because she regularly uses Lily and her work as an example. She said that Lily is a gifted leader but is not bossy. She is able to skillfully get everyone playing with things so that she is left to play with what she really wants to play with.  I am excited to see the places Lily will go in her life. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Black Belt Men

Oh this was an exciting night! 
There has been a great deal of time and energy both physical and mental put into Taekwondo at our house.  But it paid off for these two!
 This has been a 2 year journey for Peter. 
He was really good about maintaining his balance of family, church, and class time. 

 Joseph has been doing taekwondo for 7 years now. 
Here is a picture from his very early days.
 They had both already done the sparring they needed to do but they were able to spar each other for a minute. It was a good match. 

 They both got in a few good jabs and kicks. 
 Their board breaks were wonderful! I messed up on Joseph's video and missed the first part but he was wonderful! Peter had some serious power. Enjoy the videos!

The "thunder board" break video.
 Mr. Vondra and my boys! I am so proud!
Peter and his "thunder board" -a 2x12 board. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Arabella's 1st Grade Program

I love school programs! 
Arabella was super cute in this one.

She played so well.