Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Pictures from my phone

 Baby in a bowl!

 Dining room Red wall
 Mother's day outfit
 Oh crap!
 Apricot jam
 pickles- I did this  last week while Peter was gone.
 Was she really that little once?! Those are newborn clothes she has on!
This is what I see when I open my phone. My girls hold still for pictures better than the boys!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dishwasher Happiness

If I want to make her happy while I am in the kitchen this is all I need to do. She climbed in it once
Daddy had not pulled the lower rack out for her so she was just going to take care of it herself.
Love this girl!

Monday, June 18, 2012

"Scouting Workhorse"

 So, yesterday was Father's day and I have a great man to write about.
 I took this picture this morning at 3:45 am just before Peter headed out for a week of scout camp.
He was excited- he loves scouting, he loves camping, and he loves being outdoors.
Someone recently told me that whenever they think of my husband or hear his name the envision him in a Scout shirt; which she said was funny because she was not sure if she had ever actually seen him in a scout shirt.  Peter is a scouter.  My dad was one of those dad's who asked if a date or potential date had their eagle scout- Peter ironically is the only one who was ever able to say yes, I believe.  My dad was right an eagle scout would be the best kind of man to marry. If Peter never served in any other capacity in the church except for scouting callings he would die a happy man. 
 About the same time as the scout shirt comment, I overheard someone call Peter a workhorse.
We were helping a family move in and Peter was fully in his element in the back of the moving truck unloading boxes, bags, and furniture fast enough that he was keeping just about all of the other men stocked up with items to carry into the house.  He knows how to get a move done! 
Peter also loves to get a new toy, aka tool.
He recently acquired a tree pruning tool (the orange stick).  I believe he had to wait a whole day to use it and it just about killed him.  He was ready to get up in our big trees and thin them out.  
His reasoning was that there was too much shade and our new grass, though shade tolerant, would need some sunlight to grow.  Whatever makes you happy my dear!
Other words I would use to describe Peter is spiritual, stubborn, determined, helpful, and truly amazing with our kids.  He loves to play with them and laugh with them.  I worked on Saturday night and he was amazing: he bathed all of the kids, made caramel popcorn and watched a movie with the kids.  He also made the breakfast casserole I planned for a father's day so that I could sleep before church.  
I truly could not ask for a better husband and father for my children.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Running Jon

We have found something that Jon enjoys! Jon is running on a track team for about 2 months- the summer season.
 He has practice twice a week and a track meet every Saturday in June. 
 Track meets all day long in June in Texas- HOT!
But, seeing Jon win ribbons and feel that he has accomplished something is totally worth it!
 A relay!
 Long jump!
Totally ready to pump those hands and run fast!
There are some kids his age that are wearing spikes- we are not there yet.  
 They award ribbons 1st-8th for each heat or runners and not just for the overall age group winners.  A huge thank you from this mom to whomever decided that!
Your a ham Jon and we love you!  We are so glad you are enjoying your running!

Final Zoo Trips

We have had a pass to the Fort Worth Zoo for the last year.  We made 2 last trips before it expired- the day after school got out and one week later.
 When we go, each child gets to choose an animal they want to see and we make sure to at least see those 3 animals, anything more is just a bonus!
 Flamingos were Arabella's choice on the first trip.
 This fellow came walking up to us as we were standing there.
 Joey wanted to see the lions and just as we got there he was climbing up on his rock.  Joey roared at him and he started roaring away.  He roared several times and then went into what sounded like a coughing fit- do lion's get hair balls?
 Usually feeding the birds is way fun but this time the birds were totally uninterested.  You had to reach out to the far branches to get them to nibble.  Oh well, we tried.

 Lily checking out the fish!
Jon always chooses the snakes- specifically the King Cobra. As an added bonus this trip they had a rat snake of some sort out for touching.  This made for a very happy Jon!
 On our trip the following week, we started at the far end of the zoo so we could see the things we missed the first time. 
 Lily spent a fair amount of time with her legs kicked up for good relaxing.
 Touching the gulf see life-horseshoe crabs, sea urchins, starfish...
 Check out those wing spans. Joey is a red tail hawk, Jon is a barn owl and Arabella is a  perregrin falcon. 
 Lily the calf and...
 two pictures of a super cute Lily the baby! 

 Lunch time in the shade! Great kids!
 These are my favorite birds- Scarlet Ibis.  
I usually just admire them from within the reptile house but I decided we would go outside and enjoy them on the little path as a final hurrah.  Well, they are near the giant tortises/turtles.  I looked over and this one turtle was walking really fast so I call my kids attention to it.  Well, he was moving because he had a goal and a purpose.  He did not pause just right up and on top.  I am sure you can guess what happened.  My kids were now focused on this scene because I had called their attention to it.  And, you would not know it but turtles make noises or at least they do when they are involved in such activities.  Jon thought it was a great sound and began to mimic it.  Then the female turtle did not seem to enjoy the rear attack and began to "swat" kind of with her arms.  The kids say - I don't think that turtle wants the other turtle on its back. My response- "Turtles should not play leap frog.  They are not very good at it.  Who wants to go see the lemurs?" Oh the things you can see at the zoo.
Truthfully, if you come to see us we would gladly take you to either the Dallas Zoo or Fort Worth Zoo.  They both have their high points. But I can not promise you will encounter the turtles like we did. ;)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

We spent Memorial Day with our Friends the Ostermiller's celebrating Chad's birthday.
We swam, ate hot dogs and brats, savored shaved ice, and enjoyed being with friends.
It was a fabulous day!
Lily ate her first Oreo and loved it, of course. 

 Arabella thought she was invincible with this ring on until she had it off and slipped off the stair in the hot tub and went under.  I could not get up over the wall from the pool (I was standing right about where that dip in the wall is).  Peter ran from the other side of the pool and jumped in.  She was a little more timid after that.  Scared us all nearly to death.
 Lily did not know what to think at first but then she loved it and wanted to be in the water splashing with everyone else. 

Jon was great! He even swam with his face in the water. 
Peter and I signed all three kids up for swimming lessons that night.  It was easier to do after we had an idea of what level they were up.  Joey gets so anxious that he may never swim with his face in the water but I know he won't drown.
I am  looking forward to a lot more days of fun in the sun and water this summer!