Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dentist, aaaahhhhhh!

Try to imagine me saying the above phrase and pulling my hair! We have had quite the experience with Jon and the dentist. Last October we took him in and had his teeth examined. They found one obvious cavity which I was shown and I was told that when I brought him back to have it filled they would do a more thorough exam. Well, when the filled the tooth Peter went back with Jon and they did not do a further exam nor did they fill the right tooth. Jon chewed on his numb lip and so it took about a week before we could really see in his mouth due to a swollen sore lip. It was about that time we realized the wrong tooth had been filled. I called the dentist and went in. They said that sure enough they filled the wrong tooth and apologized and stated there must have been a cavity in that tooth too or they would not have filled it. They agreed to fill the tooth using just laughing gas and we would not have to pay for it. Peter had to come and sit with Jon because I was pregnant and could not be by the gas. Well, they did the more thorough exam this time and found two more cavities which they filled. When they were done Jon was fit to be tied. Peter had to physically hold him down for the other teeth.

Well, exam time came again and Jon had two more cavities. We thought we would try just the gas this time. It did not go well. He did not end up having the teeth filled. Peter rescheduled for sedation to be done. He had paid already for the fillings and the gas. In looking at the new statement for the coming appointment, I found we were being charged for the gas again. Well, Jon never let them use gas that is why we had to reschedule. We also had just received a bill from the insurance stating we would be charged for this most recent exam because we the dentist had billed for the one in November (the why did you fill the wrong tooth exam). You better believe I was on the phone demanding some billing answers. I was able to get some of it resolved over the phone and was assured that everything would go smoothly this time.
We did not let Jon have anything to drink or eat since last night, except a small sip (and I am the one that gave it to him so I do mean a small sip, maybe a tablespoon) of water after he brushed his teeth this morning. He was very frustrated that we would not let him drink anything especially, it is supposed to get to 108 today so we are all thirsty. We arrive at the dentist an hour early so we can be medicated. I haggle with the billing department and get the bills fixed. Then finally after waiting an hour Jon is taken back to get his medicine. Being the honest person that I am, when the aide asked when he last drank or ate I mentioned the sip of water. She says she had to go and speak with the dentist. I knew what was going to happen before she returned. Yep, she came in and said they would not be able to sedate due to the water. I said that I was done and wanted a refund, copies of my kids records and I was leaving. She went to get the office manager I had spoke with earlier over the billing issues and she said she would get me copies. While I was waiting the very nice girl who schedules appointments asked if she could help and I told her no I was waiting for my records and would be leaving but could I at least speak with the dentist. I was taken to the dentist office and she said that I should understand being in the medical field why she could not do the sedation. I said no I could not becasue paitents are allowed to take a sip of water for there oral medications before surgeries. She said that even though I said it was a sip, she could really know that for sure. I told her that I was sorry then, but I would be leaving her office and figured she would likely do the same if she were in my shoes. I then remebered the $110.00 Peter had paid the first attempt at getting fillings done and after getting that refund I left the office. I have spoken with a few other people who have had similarly negative experiences with this office and specifically this dentist. I have not mentioned any names but there is one dentist there that is great but will not be seeing patients as much and some very kind office personnel. We are looking for a new dentist in the Las Vegas area that will do sedation if you know of any. Thank you for reading my RANT!

In happier dental news, Arabella has cut her two bottom front teeth. And Joey's two bottom front teeth are loose. Now that I have his xrays, it looks like he may be losing a few more very soon!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adventures in Utah

Somewhere over the rainbow.... We saw this awesome rainbow as we were leaving Fillmore on our drive up to Utah. We were in Utah from June 11-16th. We had a great time!

We took the truck up this time and Peter had just climbed out to put our bags in to trash bags because it was raining. It stopped not even 10 minutes later.

Soooo HAPPY to be finally going to Grandma's house. We had a countdown chain and everything because Jon asked everyday if today was the day we were going to grandma's house.

Wednesday night we stayed at Peter's parents house. Art City Days was going on so we headed to the fair that was being held just down the street from their house this year. Bad picture because our boys are the next car back. We did a few rides and of course bought a scone.
Thursday, we headed to Thanksgiving Point first thing in the morning. It was a good thing too because we finished just before it rained, and it really rained. The manhole cover acutally popped up because the drains were so overwhelmed. This peacock was really strutting his stuff.

Arabella had a great time riding around in the stroller and seeing the animals. You can not help but fall in love with that face and oh those eyes!

Joey adored the horse ride so much that Grandma let him ride again. He was on the big horse and thought he was all that and a bag of chips!

Jon enjoyed the horse ride too but had more fun running around with Liam. Jon is also sporting his new favorite shirt in this picture (yes, that is Wolverine and he does a great impression).
Friday morning we headed as soon as we were loaded up to Vernal with Grandma and Grandpa Rabner and Lindsay and Brady for some camping adn dinosaur bone hunting. We set up camp and what do little boys do but dig while the grown ups are setting up camp. They were looking for bones of course.
We did find bones, but we had to hike to find them and they are marked by white paint spots on the mountain. Thank heavens for big strong daddy's that can lift little boys up to see the bones up close and personal.
Joey's turn!
Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Brady were wonderful camping and hiking buddies. We were so glad they could come with us.
She does not usually get this messy at home when she eats but you can tell she was loving it. What is that saying, "If it does not get all over the place it doesn't belong in your face."

More digging! Their hole was about 12-18 inches deep. This about when the mosquitos started to appear and they must have been having a family reunion because there were tons. We were told that all of the rain had led to an increased number of mosquitos. The river was very high as was the reservoir.
This was the attempt at fishing but the bug were too bad. Also due to the rain the water was really swift moving and very murky. Thursday night I fell asleep, with the window open to our room at Peter's parents house and I listened to Peter and his dad visit while they hunted for nightcrawlers. Peter says that was the first time he remembered doing that with his dad. He had a great time visiting with his dad, thanks Max!
Jon and Grandma making eggs for breakfast!

Joey, Lindsay, and Brady working on cutting up fruit!

The cooks! Peter has these great new sourdough pancakes he got from a guy at Wood Badge (go scouting!). This kind man (Scott) gave us a start and they are absolutely delicious. I had started out helping with the pancakes but ended up on hot chocolate detail. I was entrusted with the eggs eventually.
The visitor's center at Dinosaur National Monument is closed for renovations because the building is structurally unsound. They had pictures and it was bad, cracked beams and foundations. Anyway they have a temporary visitor's center set up but there are not any walls of bones in the rock to see. They have recently found a new quarry and the weekend we were there they decided to let people go up there, with a ranger. It was a short but steep and rocky hike but we made it and it was more than worth it. At one point Jon was hitting what I thought were two rocks together but the ranger pointed out they were actually pieces of fossils that had broken off! It was really fun to see all of these bones everywhere in the rock. They believe they may have found evidence of a new dinosaur and are anxious waiting to get some more bones excavated to prove it.
Reasonable family photo, too bad we are covering up all of the bones. Well there is one that looks like it is sticking staight up from Peter's head.

Arabella did this both times we went hiking.

Joey and Jon completed some little booklets to earn their Junior Ranger and Junior Paleontologist pins. They thought they were pretty neat stuff.
In Vernal, there is a really cool museum that I don't think has been open all that long. There were several hands on exhibits and a lot of great information. We love the giant dinosaurs outside though! Joey is uncovering some bones.
Jon posing with a replica.

Who is that rugged sexy couple?!

Check out that mammoth model! It has hemp for fur that gets replaced every few years because the birds take it for their nests.
I am not a great photographer but the windows made this picture tricky. That is a scale model fo the dinosaur and it was so long. The tail went on forever.

Grandma and Grandpa in the gardens with Arabella. On one side of the building there is a short trail you can walk and there are dinosaurs and benches and a pond. It was beautiful!

They are doing triceratop horns.

Aren't they fierce?!
We spent until Sunday night with Peter's family and then headed to my parent's for some time with my family! It was great to see how all of the kids just keep getting bigger. My niece Calee is going to be taller than me any day now, I am sure of it!

We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House and then had family pictures on Monday night. I loved the colors we wore: black, white, and bright blue obviously. I have such a good looking family!
Grandpa's bug matched the colors so we pulled it out onto the lawn and piled the grandkids in.

Arabella and I were waiting for the other kids to get settled before we placed the babies like her in. Joey held her and did a great job.

We brought Peter's go cart back home with us but we found out that Joey thought it was Grandpa's bug we were bringing home. We have let Joey drive the go cart a few times now and so he is not disappointed anymore.
My sister-in-law Tammy took some adorable pictures of Arabella with these flowers. Tammy has a great eye and a nice camera. Arabella just wanted to eat them.
This last picture was because it was too cute. Brooklyn had worked to load Katelyn, Breesa, and Sadie adn it was quite the workout pulling it on the grass. They looked so cute with their flowers and black and white dresses on.
It was beyond wonderful to get away! We were sad to head back so soon. Peter has been applying to jobs everywhere and Utah is still a possibility. We would love being closer to family but have realized how much we would miss our "family" in Las Vegas. I am hoping to get caught up with life sometime soon so that I will get back to blogging once a week. We are on our countdown to our Nauvoo trip-13 days to go counting the day we fly out! So much to do! I think this is the biggest adventure Peter and I have had since going to Peru and this time we have 3 kids so that alone is an adventure!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Are the onions making you cry?

This is the cute question Joey asked me tonight as I was feeling overwhelmed with life, lack of sleep and was crying while making dinner. Peter was still at the church counting tithing and the boys came into the kitchen and saw that I was crying. They asked why and I told them I was sad that daddy did not have a job so that I had to work more and could not be at home with them as much, which is pretty much the underlying jest of all of my frustrations. Joey offered encouragement by telling me about the job daddy had applied for in California and that we could live there and I could find a new hospital to go to and help people (this was after the onions question). Jon then told me he could make me happy because they had learned about feelings in primary today and that being sad was not a good feeling. He sang me the frowny face song. My problems had not disappeared but it was wonderful to feel so much love from my sweet children and they wanted so badly to make me happy; I could not help but smile. Jon even made a silly face for me. They both asked what they could do to help me and so they set the table and did a great job! I am grateful that I can provide for my family by working and I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for manifesting his love to me through the sweet spirits he entrusted me with. Maybe daddy really will get that job in California but if not maybe one somewhere else. The Lord is working on answering our prayers for that job and it may be a while yet but he answered my prayers so quickly this afternoon and it reminds me of his great power and love.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The other kids

Since the last two posts were about Joey here are a few cute pictures of our other kids what were there names oh Jon and Arabella. Jon has been so funny lately. He is all about spelling his name for people and is getting pretty good at writing it. The n seems to give him some trouble. He is trying to learn how to spell Joey's name. We are going to Utah next week and he asks every time we get in the car if we are going to grandma and grandpa's house. We finally made a countdown chain this morning. Jon is in gymnastics and loving it, he calls it his balance beams. Arabella, is loving to eat real food and is filling out nicely. She had a well check last week and she weigh 17 pounds even and was 26 inches long. She was a trooper with her shots and really did not get too grumpy or sick (except throwing up all of her dinner the first night when I had left the kitchen and did not find it for a few minutes, extra mess!). In the one picture of her in the stroller she has figured out that she can pull herself up and suck on the tray, don't get too close to her she might suck on your face. Yea, she puts everything in her mouth. We love her!

Two Wheels

This is how we spent some of our time yesterday morning. Yes, that is Joey taking off his training wheels and learning to ride a two wheeler.

I don't have pictures of it but this morning when we went out for a ride Joey zipped off. He needed just a little help getting started and then he was off. He gets a little nervous and seems to forget to steer sometimes but we are again so proud of our little Joey!

I am so excited that this video loaded. I have had a terrible time getting videos to load lately so there have not been any.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Proud Preschool Graduate

Joey had preschool graduation last Friday afternoon! Here is our amazing little graduate before graduation.
Don't they look adorable in their caps and sashes.

Joey suprised us by being the one to lead the pledge of allegiance. He did a great job, he spoke loud and clear and held the flag just right! We were so proud, what can I say!

This is Joey with his teacher Miss Sheree and his year end book. They keep all of their homework and class papers and compile them in a folder. It is wonderful! He had so much fun looking through it with us and showing us his favorite papers!
The kids sang two songs for us with actions!

Joey with his whole class. He had a great class and loved playing with his classmates. I hope we will see some of them in Kindergarten in the fall.

Joey had to have one more with Miss Sheree. We let Joey choose how we celebrated and so we went to "the ice cream store" (Coldstone). They were pointing to all different flavors saying they wanted all of them but gratefully choosing the mix in was a little easier. The girl that served us said that most kids don't get so excited. What can I say, our boys enjoy things to the fullest and are not afraid to share and show it!