Friday, November 20, 2015

Silly Girls

I should have titled this Samantha and the hats but Lily with her skull glasses was too cute to resist. 
 This bonnet was floating around our house for a few days and every time she found it she would put it on, backwards! 
 Safety first for this girl- she asks for her helmet in her own non-verbal finger pointing and grunting way. 
 This girl keeps me laughing and makes her "Sammy Girlie" so happy each day!
And yes, one more hat! She wanted to get on that ball so bad! 
I am pretty sure that she wants to prove that anything the big kids can do, she can do too!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dorothy's Dash

Peter and I decided we need to do something to help our kids understand the importance of daily exercise and being fit and healthy. 
So, at the beginning of the school year, we started waking the kids up 15 minutes earlier and doing family exercise. Monday, Wednesday and Friday we do a calisthenics routine with jumping jacks, running in place, lunges, squats, jump squats, push-ups, tricep dips, and sit- ups.  Tuesday and  Thursday we run laps in the alley behind our house- that way everyone can run at their own pace but we can keep an eye on each other. 
To try and help the kids see what they are capable of doing now so we entered a race. 
 There was a Kids K which Jon, Arabella, and Lily ran and a 5 K which Peter, Joseph and I ran. 
 Arabella finished first!
 Jon finished strong!
 Lily made it with a lot of help from our dear friend Jen and Dad helped at the end as well. 
This picture melts my heart- it shows the tenderness that Peter has for his girls!
Peter made a goal to keep up with me and he did. I felt good and had a great race. We both timed at 23:29! Joseph was a bit psyched out by the distance but in the end he did amazing as well, especially for having never run this far at one time- 26:39.  Peter took 6th in  his age group and I took 12th and Joseph took 13th! 
We had a lot of fun running together and I look forward to doing another race as a family soon!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Veteran's Day 2015

It has taken me a few years but I have finally realized that the Veteran's Day assembly is a really great event and my kids are usually involved. 
Well, this year I made it. In fact, I had worked the night before but I did not care, I arranged for Lily to be a bit late to preschool and we went to support Jon and Arabella.
 Jon in the choir.
 Arabella reading her poem.
And this was just a lovely, patriotic sight. 

In light of recent events, throughout the world, I feel the need for patriotism, love, and acceptance is growing ever greater!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Time Out For Women Atlanta 2015

I am so lucky because Peter agreed to let me use more of his frequent flyer points and go for a weekend in Atlanta with his sisters, Kelsey and Lindsay and attend Time Out For Women. 
Why is there a picture of an airline snack you ask?
That is the picture of the snack we were given after being on the plane for 2 hours but still sitting on the runway at Dallas Lovefield Airport. In total by the time we made it back to the gate, the same one we departed from, it had been 3 1/2 hours.  We had a bunch of weather issues but in the end when the weather cleared we were told we no longer had enough gas to safely make it to Atlanta and so the flight was being cancelled. 
 Peter, the expert traveler, got on the phone in a jiffy and had my flight switched to one fairly early Friday morning. The positives in the situation were: a read a great deal of my book, I was able to sleep in my own bed, and the kids were surprised to see me in the morning and they enjoyed the donuts I bought them for breakfast. 
 Friday night at the Conference.
We finally were all together. We did a little kid-free shopping and had a yummy linner (in between lunch and dinner). And then, we were spiritually fed by some great speakers and beautiful music.
 Saturday, we had a great day at the conference; again being spiritually uplifted and inspired. 
After the conference we had super yummy gourmet snoballs and made a stop at IKEA. 
Then, I had to hop on a flight back home- all good things much come to an end. 
I sure love my in-laws! These are great women (we were sad Megan could not make it) and I feel so blessed to count them as sisters. I love talking with them and laughing with them and journeying through life with them. 

Friday, November 6, 2015

Peter's Birthday!

This amazing man had a birthday on October 28th! 
 He takes the little kids on bike rides. 
 He enjoys yummy and healthy food!

 And I was able to surprise him with this yummy campfire cake!
 Then after a day of no real big surprises or extras I had the kids tucked in bed when he and Joseph returned from scouts. So, I told Joseph I was kidnapping dad and away we went. 
It was a silly surprise, Bahama Bucks shaved ice. I had voted earlier that day and been told if I took my voting sticker to Bahama Bucks I would get a free baby size and sure enough. 
He was surprised and had a chance to tell  me of the ups and downs of his day and week and what he has coming up. I love this man and all that he does for our family! I look forward to celebrating many more of his birthdays!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had a great time celebrating Halloween!
 We had our annual unofficial ward trunk or treat.
I love this activity and this year we invited the other ward that attends our building. 
They too were excited to have a chance to celebrate Halloween with ward friends. 
 Jon the Ninja and Joseph- Paul Bunyan with the miniature Babe the blue ox in his shirt pocket.
 Lily as Ariel.
 Arabella the witch, with her friend in the same witch costume. They loved it!
Peter making cotton candy at the trunk or treat and the awesome full moon from that night.
 Peter decorated these two awesome cakes for two different parties. 
He has so much talent!
 Again, Peter making cotton candy but this time as the new and improved Big Blue Ox, Babe.
This was at the taekwondo party on Halloween morning. 
I worked on Halloween night but Peter took the kids trick or treating.
And the most exciting part of the night was that Samantha figured out how to mumble trick or treat after the first street and she realized that saying that would get her candy!