Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am slow getting these posted but here are some more pictures from our trip. (Yes, I put them in reverse chronological order-again! ) Joey took this picture of Peter and I behind the Nauvoo temple.
We walked around the temple on Sunday evening and took pictures of our kids near the beautiful flowers.

That smile will melt your heart!
What a cheeser smile!
I love these windows on the temple. They are so bright and beautiful!
I love that they are round!
I am so grateful this temple was rebuilt. The early Saints were such amazing craftsmen. They sacrificed so much to build the temple because they wanted so badly to have the blessings received by entering the House of the Lord.

This not so great picture taken by me is of Peter and Joey in front of the statue of Joseph and Hyrum. It is to commemorate the ride to Carthage, their last before they were martyred.

This is on the Trail of Hope (once called the Trail of Tears). This is the street the Saints walked down to get to the Mississippi as they were fleeing Nauvoo. They were leaving such a wonderful place to face unknown hardships but they had faith the Lord would lead them to Zion; and they Lord as he always has lead his people to the promised land.
Oh the excitement of seeing real live oxen! "Here comes the oxcart, oh how slow."

This is where Joseph Smith is buried and he is flanked by his brother Hyrum and wife Emma.

The Community of Christ Church rebuilt the Red Brick Store (Joseph's store) on the original foundation. This is where the Relief Society was organized, so here is a picture of current and future members of the Relief Society.
The Mansion House-this is where Joseph and Emma were living when he went to Carthage. It is a beautiful house and there are some original pieces of furniture inside.

The first house the Smith family lived in when they settled in Nauvoo. The white siding you see to the left is the addition that was added later.

I love random group shots! I have such an awesome family!

Joey-really all of the kids-loved this well. This is where Joseph landed when he fell from the 2nd story window after he was shot by men from both within the house and men shooting from the outside into the window.

Here is the window. The jailer had let Joseph and the other men stay in this room because it was so hot and not in the actual cell room which had little to no ventilation.

Actual door from that day with the bullet holes still there.

The cell room.

We found this giant moth outside while waiting for our tour to begin. Jon named it Skinny-Skin. It actually let us pick it up and we put it in a tree so that one of the kids did not accidentally step on it.
View of Carthage Jail from the street.
This is the side where Joseph fell from the second story window.

My little family! If I could only have a portion of the faith that Joseph and Hyrum had.

Pretend you can see fireflies! I saw fireflies for the first time and was truly amazed. I will forever remember watching my boys trying to catch them with their dad while Arabella and I simply enjoyed watching them randomly light up.

What an action photo. Joey and I were playing pioneer games.

The other half of the game! Joey is such a fun boy!

Peter and Joey cut this piece of wood off using a two man saw. He was so proud. We then took it to another booth and had a Nauvoo temple symbol burned into it.

Jon slept through a good portion of the games, he really needed a nap though.

Starting to cut off their piece of wood! Go boys, go!!!

Enjoying the pre-pageant games and activities!

Jon and Sadie in the Pioneer Living Center. This was really neat, you could learn how they made such things as cloth, candles, rope, pottery, barrels, and bread.

I just can not get enough of that adorable little princess!

More fun in the Pioneer Living Center.

The Brickyard, a must see stop for any Nauvoo trip.

Peter and I know how to make cute kids, what can I say!

This was a little play area they had set up for kids, and of course adults could join in the fun, to experience pioneer pastimes.

Jon a rough and tough cowboy!

Peter has skills, he was able to walk on the stilts quite well, even with his center of gravity slightly altered.

Joey would have been a great pioneer-so helpful!

The Jonathon Browning Gunsmith Shop. The house was originally built by one of my ancestor's.
Our three kids fell asleep during the Nauvoo Pageant. I am glad they saw what hey did but it was really nice to be able to enjoy it fully sitting next to my handsome husband. It was such a wonderful pageant. They music was so uplifting and the spirit was so powerful. There is no denying that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God and the gospel is true!

This is how the pageant ended! Amazing!

Weary travellers! You are a great dad, Derick! We loved spending time with my family! I am so glad my kids will have these memories, hopefully for the rest of their lives.

There was a children's parade before the Sunset on the Mississippi show. Jon you are so patriotic!

You look great Joey!

You can not miss the temple as you drive around Nauvoo, it is picturesque!

It is amazing as you drive through old Nauvoo, you see these tiny houses and then you learn that a family of like 8 or 10 lived in a tiny house like this one.

My adorable niece Katelyn!

My smiling princess again!

A wagon ride around Nauvoo, a great way to see all of Nauvoo and the river.

Adam-ondi-Ahman. We stopped and saw this on our way to Nauvoo from Kansas City. A truly beautiful valley and much larger than I thought or knew it was.