Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Joseph and His Viola

We have really enjoyed watching and listening to Joseph's improvement over the last 9 months. 
He had to get a new viola after his bike accident and due to his growth it was a bit bigger than his other one. It was a struggle to adjust to it at first but his teachers really helped him and he was quickly back to playing how he had been. 
 Just before his orchestra concert for the end of the year. 

His recital with his private teacher. She has been really great to work with him! 
We are looking forward to seeing how much better he will get next year. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Joseph gets an award

Joseph was given an excellence award by his Science teacher Mrs. McBrayer. He had a bit of a challenge getting used to his science class at the beginning of the year but he has done wonderfully since! We could not be more proud of Joseph and the hard work he has put into school this year! He loves to read and figure out math problems. He has become quite good on his viola. Joseph your future is bright and I am excited to see where it takes you!

Lily's Last Day of Pre-K 4

Yes, this is pretty much two of the same picture but one is a bit clearer and the other you can see Mrs. Hammond better. Lily has loved preschool and the other kids in her class have loved her. 
Her teacher told me that Lily is a natural leader. She has a way of getting everyone doing something and content with what they are doing and she is left to play with what she really wants to play with. She may just be a politician. She also gets her work done and does a good job of it so that it can be used as an example for others and then she is able to help others get their work done as well. 
I am thankful that Lily will have one more year of CCDC. We love the whole school but have really felt so blessed to have Mrs. Hammond and Mrs Rasco as our teachers this year! 

Jon's Concert

Jon had a year end Choir performance. They are called the Valley Ridge Singers. 
He has really enjoyed the rehearsals and comes home singing the songs over and over
I do think he gets a bit nervous when it comes time to perform but he sang and I am so proud of him!