Tuesday, March 28, 2017

February Fun Part 1

February will be coming to you in two editions: the month as a whole and a special Disney edition.
First, we did a little crafting at Michael's and they loved it. 

 Peter and I were lucky enough to go to the Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Blackhawks game with our friends the Schmidts.  Kelsey was kind enough for Christmas to give us these great shirts so that we would be appropriately dressed! It was an awesome game and the Blackhawks won! 
 I made this amazing shot while playing basketball with a friend. 

 Valentine Class Party- I could only make it to Lily's because I had to work that night and the other kids were during my precious sleeping time. They were good sports about it. 
 We took the big kids to see STOMP for a valentine activity/gift. It was as fascinating and entertaining as the last time I saw them perform 9 or so years ago. 

 We took the kids fishing so the boys could work on the merit badge. 
 Lily fell in the river and Peter went in after her to rescue her. It was quite the sight to see. 

 Arabella made this incredible perler bead creation without a pattern! 
I gave Peter a little drone for Valentine's and he (as well as the kids) have enjoyed playing with it- see the picture below. 
 The kids and I all had dentist appointments.  5 kids and only one cavity. I had one cavity and needed a crown on another tooth. And in January Jon had oral surgery for his crazy growing tooth.  It has been a pricey first few months for us at the dentist but I was the worst. 

 Jon received his Arrow of Light and had his bridging ceremony for cub scouts. We are so proud of him and the time and effort he has put into achieving his goals. 
 And finally, I helped to host/plan the Stake Relief Society Conference at the end of the month. It was a beautiful event.  The speakers/teachers/presenters were so inspiring.  We heard so many wonderful comments about the classes.  And the food and decoration committees did a great job making the luncheon wonderful! The boxed lunches looked so pretty and the food was delicious! We were so blessed to have a committee to use this year and draw upon their talents and spiritual insights. 

 I did not get a picture with my presidency so I did the next best thing- a picture with 2 of my girls while the third was taking the picture. 
Joy is a gift and I am striving to find it each day and hopefully be the source of joy in others lives.

Monday, March 27, 2017

January the Fast Forward Version

This little girl is really good at running errands. 
This particular day we were picking up a pinewood derby car kit. 

 This was the day we took the kids to see the movie Monster Trucks (really good!) and then out to lunch at Cane's.  They all sat in this booth and told us to sit at a table for 2 so that we could have a "date".  They checked on us frequently and sometimes more than one of them at a time. But it was nice to sit across from my honey and the kids were well behaved. 
 We did not actually have to make a pinewood derby car this year for cub scouts but we had a ward pinewood derby and so we made a care just for Arabella and Joseph. Joseph made them with his boy scout troop.  Arabella is just lucky! They other kids picked from the boxful we have from the many previous pinewood derby races we have been in. 
 Arabella's car is the 3rd from the left with the broomstick (Harry Potter themed). Joseph's is the last one and I am not sure what theme it was but it was  good looking car.  When you have 5 kids they can not all race at the same time and so you will see Jon's green car in his hand. 

 Crazy antics with this girl! 
 It is always sad to see a missionary go when they  have loved and served so well.  
We loved Elder Barber and we hope he is enjoying his new area and then will soon head home and we hope to keep tabs on him throughout his life. 

 Jon was selected for a type of honor choir.  It was made up of all of the feeder elementary schools for the high school.  They learned the same songs and came together to perform together and with the middle school and high school choirs.  It was fantastic! Jon was one of only 7 or 8 boys in the entire elementary choir.  The high school choir actually had more boys than girls so at some point these boys figure out that singing is cool!

 That is Mr. Rosales in the middle - he is a great music teacher! 

 Roller skating field trips in preschool area comical but fun! 
I had fun taking a few faster trips around the rink.  They did reasonably well! 

 And finally princess birthday parties- This was a Rapunzel/Tangled game where partners wrapped each other up in yellow hair (or crepe paper for you literal types).

 We also kissed frogs like any good princess should. 
 And decorated cupcakes. I loved the use of the paint plates to put a variety of sprinkles on for each person. 

 We finished our January off with some playroom and home organizing and re-arranging. 
This new chore chart system has been really helpful.  Since starting to teach piano lessons this year I have had a harder time with keeping things picked up.  For 2 hours each day all of the kids and usually one extra have free reign of the house and then as soon as I am done teaching it is time to finish dinner and eat and then activities or FHE or work or homework.... You get the idea. We decided to help me feel more in control and the kids to learn responsibility and organization, we would try chore charts.  There are not many things on each: homework, practice instrument, pick up room, pick up backpack and shoes, empty lunchbox, and chore of the week. The chore of the week is the wheel you see on the board.  There are 5 chores and they rotate amongst the children: office, living room, playroom, dishes, and parent's choice.  They are to have these done before dinner.  It has worked really well some weeks and not as well other weeks. But overall, I feel more in control and less frazzled at the end of the day. 

January 2017 you were good to our family. We experienced new callings (Peter was released as the ward mission leader and made the Ward Welfare specialist), improving weather, plans and hopes for our home improvements, memories, fun, work, success, and some failures.  It was good! 

I will not give up!

I don't think I have ever gone this long without making a post but I will not give up! 
My kids love to look at the printed books we have and this has become my source of history for our family. I use this to help me remember when certain things happened or where we went or who we saw.  I will not give up!