Saturday, January 31, 2015

I just might be a Texan

So two Saturdays ago, we had spent the day doing all sorts of things and it is creeping towards 4:30 when I mention to Peter that I need to run to the grocery store. 
He then tells me he is going because I need to get Samantha fed. I give him an odd look and then proceeds to tell me he has arranged a babysitter for all 5 kids and we are going on a date!

First, he took me to get some boots. I have been wanting to get some and a friend of ours got some from her husband for their anniversary and my desire has grown since hers are so cute. 
So surprise to me, I got a date and new shoes! I love them! I tried on a bunch but these were the most comfortable and I liked the pattern on them. 
Second, we had dinner. Third, we went to a movie.
It was an amazing night- thank you Peter and thank you Emily White our kids love you and we know they are in the best hands when they are with you. 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Arabella Ballerina

It was parent observation week at Ballet a few weeks ago.
Arabella was wonderful!
She is becoming so graceful and is so happy when she is dancing!

Her class will be doing a dance to Frozen for their recital- a little girl's dream!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pinewood Derby 2015

Sad but true, this is the only picture I took at the pinewood derby this year. 
Jon wanted a skateboard with a lightning bolt on it. It looks awesome. He did well but he did not win this year which is fine because he won last year. 
Peter ran the timing system and did a great job.
It was a fun night! We are planning to do a ward pinewood derby and my kids are thrilled!
I will take more pictures this time. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Beautiful Weather

We had a weekend of beautiful weather and it meant it was time to go to the park and enjoy it!

 We also tested Jon's bow out. He is quite good at it. 
Arabella had to give it a try and she was determined. 

 Some of these are from Martin Luther King Day/Human Rights Day when we went to a park a bit farther away but totally worth the drive. 

Playing at the park can wear you out!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Samantha 9 months

Here are a few (or a lot) of pictures of our Samantha, Sammy Girl, Samantha Joy, Bubbles. 
She is 9 months old, 18 lbs and 28 inches. 
She is still happy, especially when she is held by mom. She occasionally takes a few sips from a bottle but otherwise only wants mom. She does not crawl but scoots on her bottom and can get around. She is learning to stand while holding onto things. She gives smiles freely to family but is conservative with all other people. She brings such joy to us all! She loves real food and does a great job with her 6 1/2 teeth. 

This was the first time I had given her chicken nuggets and as you can see she has both clutched tightly in her hand because she was not giving them up!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Christmas 2014 Part 4 (phone pictures)

I of course had my phone handy Christmas morning and this is what I captured. 

 Joseph carrying Lily so nobody went last. 
 The excitement!
 Oh how I love this man!

 Lily found a comfy way to sit and play on the laptop.
 A tea party with the new tea set.
 Joseph finally got the real train set he has wanted. It actually puffs smoke. We look forward to helping him build it. 
 I made covers for our "blue" cover Book of Mormons that we use to read out of in the mornings. Each is a bit different: the girls have different color crowns and the boys have a different color background with a J on it and Peter has an animal print and me a tie dye pattern. Anyway, Lily loves hers and she carries her copy around all of the time and Christmas day she packed it everywhere. 
It was a long day and this is how it ended. Peacefully!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas Part 3 2014

 Before we let the kids come down.  
 Negotiating who should go first. We settled on the middle 2 going and Arabella went first followed by Jon. 

 Joseph and Lily decided to come down together and Joseph carried her. 

 Peter tricked me with a huge box containing a heavy log and a new Wii game. He is such a joker. 
The glowing rectangle on the tree is our license plate for our new Suburban! 

 It was a wonderful day filled with games, puzzles, relaxing. movie watching and a few naps. 
The Christmas clothes- this was taken a few weeks post Christmas due to sick kids and such. 
They are so good looking!