Monday, October 26, 2015

Chicago Part 4

Monday, we took off and headed for the city to play before our flight back home. 

 Millennium Park was beautiful and full of so many interesting things to see. 

 The Chicago city skyline is magnificent. 
 More magnificent was the Maggie Daley Park-we played for hours and hours! 

 This is a panoramic view of the park but you can not truly appreciate it unless you are there. 

 Garrett's popcorn and pigeons provided our next bit of entertainment. Although, Lydia's laughter was a sound of the purest joy, it was all things good, happy and right in the world from one tiny little girl. 

And we found the piece of granite from the Salt Lake Temple on the Magnificent mile. 
Thank you so much to the Booth Family for a wonderful trip! It will be remembered for the rest of our lives- those are the best kind of memories to make!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Chicago Part 3

Sunday was a day of more play, church, walking to a park and playing, eating more delicious food (Kelsey is a fabulous cook) and playing games.

 The kids enjoyed watching Back to the Future 2.
A bonus for the day was that Anthony was home for most of the day so we were able to hang out with him too. 
Samantha looks so funny in this picture but captures her age so well. 
Love that little girl! 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chicago Part 2

Saturday, we enjoyed a morning of soccer games and hanging out. The kids seriously loved playing together. The weather was perfect!
Kelsey and I did a little shopping while the little ones napped and after a dinner together we went to an amazing corn maze!

 There were these great big sections of pipe that you could roll in and push each other in. 

 Check out the corn dust in the air in the corn box (like a sand box but corn).
 There was a really steep slide that was probably 3 times as long as this one. 
We all found this one a bit more enjoyable!
 And when working with near total darkness, you can get some really funky pictures!

 And some absolutely precious ones!

 And some really crazy ones!- thanks Jon!

This is what we found when we arrived home- totally exhausted from all of that play. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Chicago Part 1

A perfect storm took place and we were able to take a trip to Chicago. 
Peter's points, Kelsey's keen eye for great fares, a long weekend off from school, plans to take a trip anyways and bam! We had a fabulous weekend in Chicago!
 We had an early flight on Friday morning and then met up with Kelsey and her girls at the Field Museum. It was a true windy day in the Windy City.

 We also lucked out with about an hour at the Adler Planetarium. 

The kids played and played and loved the time together. 
We then had a lovely walk to a delicious restaurant, Eleven City Diner.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Joseph's Birthday Party

This being a birthday party year for our kids we decided there was no better place for a party for Joseph than a party at Cosmic Jump. 
Joseph loves to jump and loves to jump on the trampoline more than anything else. 
 Getting clear pictures of kids running and jumping is quite tricky but little people are a bit easier to capture because they hold still for a bit longer- but not much. 

 The dodgeball and obstacle course were big hits. 

 But who dose not love being able to run up trampolines and over the top and down the other side. 

 And then cake and treats back at our house. 
Joseph wanted this particular dragon from How to Train Your Dragon 2 for his cake.
It was a bit tricky but Peter of course is amazing and pulled of a pretty amazing replica. 
It was a great day to celebrate Joseph!