Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shower in a Box

I feel spoiled and this sweet baby girl is already spoiled!

I got this delightful box last Monday night from my family! It was a baby shower in a box. Oh the fun I had opening the different pink and purple bags, each containing pieces of this treasure trove of baby girl things. The Hot Tamales and lotion are for me- yea! It would have been more fun to live close enough to have opened these gifts in person but this was so much fun too!

The box also had a Father's day gift for Peter and a shirt and flashlight for each of the kids. The boys' were head lamps with a red light feature. They have been walking around flashing their "laser beams" at each other.

Here are a few other things that have arrived in packages from Peter's parents.
I wish you could feel how soft the blankets are- use your imagination- soooo soft.
She is going to be one fashionably dressed girl! I love all of the pink, lace, and ribbons. When you look at how tiny some of these clothes are it is a reminder of just how small these precious babies start out.
Thank you so much to our families for all of their support and love!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yep, that about covers it! Although a picture of popsicles and shaved ice would really complete the picture.

Fort Worth Zoo- 1st Trip

Last year we had a pass to the Dallas Zoo and had a great time using it. This year we decided to get one to the Fort Worth Zoo. It is a really nice zoo. Last week we made our first passholder visit. It was great! The kids were troopers and stayed by me really well that makes for a really nice time for all of us.
Joey, initially, was fixated on the map and figuring out where we were going and where to find the dinosaur displays. Yes, they have dinosaurs on exhibit throughout the zoo and we found all of the dinosaurs.
Arabella wanted to see the elephants most.
Dinosaur- a relative of the triceratops.
Arabella not wanting her brothers in the picture of her on the turtle. This is outside the MOLA (Museum of Living Art) or the reptile/amphibian house. It is one of the nicest zoo buildings I have ever been inside. Jon found his favorite animal here-the king cobra.
The mighty T Rex!
I had to add this picture since it turned out we had more pictures with dinosaurs than with animals but we had a great time.
The dinosaurs were animated and made sound effects so there is a video of the T Rex below. All of the dinosaurs on exhibit have had remains found in the state of Texas

Ward Campout

The Fathers and Sons' Camp-out was cancelled due to weather and was rescheduled as a family camp-out for the 17th and 18th.
So, when it has been about 105 during the day and still 102 at 6 pm what would we do but go camping of course. It really was fun just hot!!
Ready to Roll!
We camped at Murrell Park at Grapevine Lake and so there was swimming. I stayed on shore and took pictures. One family brought the above inflatable raft and there was an island about 50 yards or so from shore. This boat was powered by Peter and Parker (Webster) power.
Arabella and Parker on the island with Joey clambering over the rocks.
The adventurers (l to r): Parker and Brody Webster, Peter with Arabella on his shoulders, Jon and Joey.
Peter helping Arabella float. She loves her daddy and trusts him to keep her safe.
Yea for water on a hot day!
Landon Webster striking a pose.
We got to watch fireworks from the shore that were let off by Grapevine City. We of course roasted marshmallows and Brother Ostermiller made 2 great dutch oven cobblers. Peter brought glow sticks and shared them with all of the kids and they were so happy.
Sleep was rough; our air pump battery was dead so no air pump; it was windy so the breeze was nice but it was 95 degrees at midnight. I finally slept in the truck with the windows down and the passenger seat reclined.
Jon does not look it but they all had fun. They each have sticky dirty faces from eating those giant marshmallows the night before and syrupy pancakes for breakfast.
This picture is simply to prove that I was really there.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Days of School, Red Belt and Apricots

Well, the end of school has come and summer has begun.
Jon's last day was May 25th and the last day was a field day. This is a picture of him with his great teacher Ms. Ban. She really knew how to work with Jon. He gained confidence and she never saw him as a problem or a challenge just a boy with a different way of approaching life. She took his strengths (that others may see as challenges) and used them to his and her advantage.
This is Jon with Ms. Leake, the class assistant. She was a huge help as well. Oh CCDC we will miss you but plan to send all future preschoolers from our house to your preschool.
Joey had a great last week of school but being the nerd that I am, I did not get any pictures of him with his teacher or doing any of his last activities.
The second to last week of school they had Camp Valley Ridge. They did camping like activities but at school: roasting s'mores, watching parent trap, discussing fire safety and how to build a fire when camping, and double recess!
The last week of school they had a game day, ice cream sundae party as a reward for learning all of their addition facts, an outdoor play day with pizza for lunch and lots of fun and not as much hard core school work.
Joey's teacher was Ms. Laird and she too was fabulous. She really cared for him and was a big part in helping us get Joey diagnosed and getting the things he needs to succeed.
This is a photo to mark a hair achievement for Arabella- french braid! It did not last too long but it held better than I thought.
Joey has made it to another level in Taekwondo. He earned his red belt. He has worked so hard and I don't believe I have ever seen him so proud of himself.
Above and below he is doing his weapons skills with his bo staff.
Peter was so wrapped up in watching do his great brown belt form that he forgot to get any pictures or video. Just know that it is impressive. I especially like the ultra serious face Joey makes while doing it. I think he is trying to convey power and strength.
Joey is the one kicking. He has become better at sparring and we are proud of him.
At first they tried to put a new brown belt on Joey and he kept ducking. The sticky note had his last name on it but really it was supposed to be Jon's - he did not pass everything off to test so he did not get his new belt.
When the right belt came, he was more than happy to accept it.
This was just moments after he turned and gave us a double thumbs up. He has learned so much through ATA and not just about punching and kicking. I am glad he enjoys it.
Finally, on Saturday, I picked up my produce co-op purchase. I had ordered a case (yes, a case) of apricots. They are so good and the kids have really loved eating them. I used about 1/4 of the case to make two batches of jam- not even freezer but the cooked processed kind.
I have also made an apricot coffee cake and given some to a friend but I believe I will make fruit leather with some of them today.
Doesn't that look pretty?!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What a man...

What a man, what a mighty good man!
This post is dedicated to my amazing husband Peter.
Over the Memorial Day weekend Peter did this: killed squash bugs, sprayed for the same bugs, watered the garden, pulled weeds, mowed the lawn (and the drive belt was broken so he had to push the mower), redid some of the edges I had done, helped two different families move for a total of 6 hours, sanded wood blocks for my Relief Society meeting this Thursday night, picked up a produce co-op order with me, bathed Sasha, ran with Joey, Jon (on bike) and Sasha, installed the new ceiling fan in the boys room, fixed the broken toilet that led to fixing the broken valve in the shut off knob (the water that attaches to the toilet), rubbed my swollen feet more than once, took the family to get shaved ice, helped Jon teach family home evening, substituted in primary, worked on cub camp archery awards, helped make dinner on Sunday, folded laundry with me, did some home teaching, went to Sam's with the family (I had a list and I stuck to it so it was not that bad), proved to be a great Wii player again much to our boys amazement as we played together on Sunday night, and cut the boys hair.
Hands off ladies, he is mine.
I let him sleep in on Sunday morning until 9.
You may think, what was I doing? Well, I helped him where I could and had my own list of things to get done but there is no denying he is "a mighty good man". I am so grateful for a husband who works by my side to keep our house running and in order and more importantly helps me raise our children. Yes, I feel so very lucky to have him.
Peter, I love you!