Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just some cuteness!

We played with playdoh the other day and Lily watched me and Arabella.  She played with some of the tools.
 "I know I can figure out a way to fit this thing into my mouth."

 These are our playdoh tacos.  Great fun!
 I know those eyes are melting your heart.  I wish these pictures would do justice to the long lashes she has.
 Arabella had croup this day and spent Monday trying to feel better.

These sisters are going to be the best of friends.

Pinewood Derby

This year was our first official Pinewood Derby!
Joey has been planning what he wanted his car to be for months (like since last year's pinewood derby).
Our ward has 3 categories: 1.cub scout class- official rules must be followed and only scouts race
2. open class- anyone in the ward can participate and it should follow the official rules
3. outlaws- this is for the cars that weigh too much, too tall, have mouse traps powering them, etc. 
It is great fun and there is a popcorn machine- yummy!
 What I love about Joey is that he did not really care if he won he just really wanted his car to the be the Shark-zord from Power Rangers.  And what I love about Peter is he made Joey's wishes come true while still making it a pretty fast car.  They did make it together and everyone was happy.  
Joey won Best in Show!
 Arabella was so excited to have her very own pink (of course) car and participate t his year.
 I have a better picture of the cars I will post.  Arabella's had 3 carved steps and a red carpet running down it and a barbie shoe attached to one of the stairs (like Cinderella). The shoe could not be on the top step because that is where the ball was (you know where they were dancing).
 Jon did not care as much what his looked like but he did want a cool fast car.  Peter got a few new tools recently and he just had to use them for this and Jon's was the best one for the job.  It was a wavy, curvy shape with a shark on the back end.  There was the upper half of a lego man attached to a foam cut out of a surfboard shape with a "bite taken out of it" and red nail polish spilling over the edge to be blood.  Yes, a man trying to get a way from the shark that just ate his legs.  
They cub scouts raced in the open class races but were not allowed to place again so in the end Jon took 1st and Arabella took 2nd.  She is so proud of that trophy! It was a great event and I am glad it is over until next year! Peter I love you and your willingness to make our kids so very happy!
The pictures below are the ones I promised to post.

Check out Sister Ostermiller's awesome high heel shoe- pink sparkly- it was a name brand and looked oh so stylish going down the track.

 Jon's lego man fell off but these are the great cars of the 2012 Pinewood Derby.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Santa Fe Part 2

I could have titled this Jon's Birthday Party but it was in Santa Fe so Part 2 works.
We went bowling at the Casino on the reservation.  It was nice- you almost did not know you were in the casino.  Also you could bowl by the hour- 6 people per lane for $20 including shoes.
 Grandma such a nice form!
 Lily  had a massive blowout- huge!

 My dad took a bowling class back in his BYU days and he still knows how to roll a good score!
 Go Jonny Go!
 Jana and her cute family!
 This little Peanut had a really good time.
 Then we headed back to the hotel for lunch, cake and some gifts.
 We had confetti poppers too!
 We went to some Native American Ruins- Pecos. Some of the findings date back to 800 a.d.

 Don't let the snow deceive you - it was actually warm. 
 Beautiful views!
 Franciscan Monks came and built a church and taught the Native Americans. They taught them how to make adobe bricks.  This chapel was made of 3,000 40 lb bricks.  It was amazing how much of the original building still stands - very little of what you see above is restored.
 Down in one of the Native's dwellings. 

Arabella sporting the lid to our new Cranium game- it has the texture of a brain.  So silly!
We had a great time!Thanks for making the drive Grandma and Grandpa Bird and Clegg Family.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas 2011

I could write captions for each photo but really they speak for themselves.
Christmas Eve Pajamas

 (He really was just scratching his nose.)

 I had to work hence the scrubs.

This has become Peter's new favorite shirt.
Now for Christmas Morning- we opted to just enjoy the Santa gifts until after church. 

 You might think that this toy lasted Sasha a really long time but she destroyed it before the day was over.

 Peter was really excited about these new tools- adjustable ratcheting wrench and a set of serious cake decorating tips.  That's my man - well rounded!
 That is a bag of bones Peter is holding- he asked me after Halloween this year when I was going to let him do the really fun decorations outside our house.  I did not realize he wanted skulls and headstones and such so I found 2 bags of bones on clearance and he was so happy!

 Blurry but you can taste the excitement.

 Girly toys - so fun!

We finished our day off having dinner with our friends the Ostermiller's.  I am sad I did not take pictures.  Last year we had oriental/chinese food and so this year we went to Germany.  Chad Ostermiller served his mission there so he helped us have some authentic food.  It was so delicious! I am thinking next year we will head to Peru for our menu.  
I love Christmas day because it is a day of family, relaxing, playing and love.  I especially love Christmas on Sunday-we had a beautiful musical meeting.  Thank you to everyone who sent our family gifts! The kids have played and played and been so happy!