Sunday, April 23, 2017

A few more pictures of Jon

When Jon earned his Arrow of Light in February, it took about 10 seconds for him to try and make the arrow go through his head. I was rolling my eyes but if you look in the next picture...
 it must just be an 11 year old boy thing. 

 We are so proud of this boy! He has been working hard at scouts and is on his way to becoming an Eagle.  He gets to attend scout camp this summer because Peter is going to go for a few days with him and the leaders agreed to let him.  
On Friday, Jon brought home a paper with the overall pass or fail notification for the STAAR test (the state testing in Texas). He had passed and I knew he would but there was a web link and a code I could use to see his actual score and I was curious and took a look. This boy, who is not one to boast and often seems to be one who is not actively seeking to achieve all he can but just to get by with the minimum, earned 100% on his math test and only missed one on the reading exam.  This is a big deal.  He has always done well but never this well. Joseph has never done this well. I have realized that Jon is just not one who likes to draw attention to himself and just how much he knows.  I hope that somehow this will help him to see that he really could be or do anything in his life. 

February Fun Part 2 Disney Edition

About 2 weeks before my dad's birthday he called and said he wanted to do a special birthday celebration in a special place. 
He wanted to take just his kids to Disneyland for a few days. The crazy thing was that we could all go, as long as I did not get jury duty.  I went ahead and made all of my reservations in the hopes it would all work out.  Luck was my friend and my jury duty was cancelled. 
I flew out super early on Thursday morning, took my first Uber ride to a hotel near Disneyland where I met my parents and we headed to that magical place.
My brother and sisters could not come until Friday and they stayed until Sunday when they drove back together.  I had to leave on Saturday due to some church obligations.  It was such a fantastic trip! I will cherish those memories for the rest of my life.  This trip felt as if it were meant to be because it was short notice and we could all make it and we were all so happy to be with one another. 
 I how I love this man and the many things he has taught me through word and by his example. He is a living witness of what he believes. He loves my mom and he loves me- I know it. 

 And this woman, is such a wonderful person. She is kind, thoughtful, faithful, loving, patient, attentive and my friend. 
 These two people make me so happy!

 Why stand in line when you can have your picture taken pointing at the back end of Lightning McQueen?!
 He loves his popcorn!
 I always get a sourdough bread bowl salad when I go to California Adventure Disneyland. This time they had this yummy Asian chicken salad and it was delicious!

 Luigi's ride was so much fun!
 A full moon over Radiator Springs.
 I loved this sign.
 The gang is all here and Goofy was there to greet us! 
These wonderful people have shaped me into who I am. They continue to teach me through their examples and the lives they lead. None of us has had a perfect or fairy tale life but we have each chosen to stay on the covenant path and this has made us stronger as individuals and as a family! I would do anything for these people and I am grateful each day that I am part of this family!
 This was our attempt at a photo recreation from about 30 years ago. My dad was actually taking the picture in the original and so we did one with him and one without.  And Jana was being held by my mom which would have been a bit comical not to mention impossible so they are just standing really close to each other. We have all grown a bit and I am really glad that we are not wearing the coordinating short outfits from the original! 

 2 days is a fast trip to try and get everything in but we did a pretty awesome job!

 The Jungle Cruise is a must! 

 I am certain that there are not many more perfect pictures of our family in all the world than this one of all of us on Splash Mountain! Everyone has such perfect expressions on their faces! 
 The one treat I wanted all to myself since their were no kids around- a chocolate and caramel dipped marshmallow stick! Delicious! 
I don't know if I have ever ridden in the very front of Space Mountain and it is a completely different experience than anywhere else. It was awesome! Then we rode it again immediately after and I ended up in the very back and that too was totally amazing and different than being anywhere in the middle. So incredible as is this picture that Malisa would die if she knew I was posting anywhere that people might see but it was too good not to document! 
 Derick looking awesome in his Mad Hatter Hat and fancy poncho. 
It started to rain in the afternoon and continued to drizzle for most of the evening. We thought people would leave but no, not really. We went on a few more rides but the parade was cancelled and a few rides were shut down due to the rain.  We all sat down and ate dinner together under a umbrella covered table.  It was dark due to the hour and the rain and so we put a water bottle over a cellphone light and it made a perfect lamp.  We sat there and ate and talked for nearly an hour.  I will for the rest of my life consider that one of the most precious hours of my life.  For all of the thrills and entertainment that there is to be had in Disneyland, that time spent visiting with my family is my most treasured part of that whole trip.  Like I said above, I love these people! I do hope that somehow, one day we are able to do something like this again.