Thursday, February 2, 2017

Home again, home again

Utah gave us a farewell snowstorm the day we left. 
I do not like driving on Highway 6 in the snow- gratefully Peter was actually driving. 

 We stopped in Arches for a few hours to see the beauty and take some pictures. 
I wish we had longer to do some hiking but we did not and it was cold. 

 Lily and Jon were like mountain goats on the rocks. 

 We are a good looking group of travelers. 
 It is so beautiful in Southern Utah! 

 Joseph was not a half bad mountain goat either. 

 If you look closely you will see the delicate arch in the background. 

I drove for a good portion of our first day after Arches and I had my turn to drive in snow in New Mexico- it was not much fun either.  We were grateful to get to the hotel and eat and sleep. Our final day of driving was not bad and went by pretty smoothly.  We were glad to be home and then my sweet friend, Amanda, brought us dinner! It was the best to have home cooked food that as not from a restaurant after 2 days in the car. I am not sure when our next trip to Utah will be but I hope it is not too far away and I hope it is not 9 years before we make it for Christmas again! 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ringing in the New Year

We played the saran wrap ball game on New Year's Eve- so much fun, so much craziness! 

We ate yummy food and watched a movie and the kids played and played.
When it came to celebrate midnight we were finishing our movie and so with the wonder of technology and DVR's we paused the ball drop until we were properly outfitted with crowns, hats, blowers, and noise makers.  Then we hit play and rang in the New Year! 
 Some were a bit sleepy and not really up for making noise. 

 Others were more than ready for it! 
 While others had put themselves to bed hours before without anyone knowing it. 
 I am so excited for this year with this man! 
 We took multiple pictures and I was laughing so hard in most of them that they were too shaky to share but this one turned out! 
Jon the party animal! 

Arabella's Baptism

I hope this day is a day she will remember for the rest of her life.
It was a cold and foggy morning but there was so much warmth and love. 
 She makes me so proud- every day! 
 I know she was so excited to be all dressed up and feel fancy for her special day! 
 She mentioned to our Bishop that she did no know who she would have baptize her and Peter was truly hurt.  He has been wrapped around her finger since the moment he found out she was a girl!

She obviously chose him! 
 Joseph looks like he is on guard duty but this is a pretty good family picture! 
 Samantha snuck her way in!
 Proud grandparents! 
It was a wonderful day and I am so thankful for the friends and family that came to support her and us! It was so much fun to have so may family members there.  I did have a moment when I reflected on the boys baptisms and knew that our ward members here in Texas are our family in so many ways! The Lord has blessed us with great family and a great ward family! Arabella has been blessed by the testimonies of each of these families.