Saturday, July 21, 2018

May: Bird Family Comes to Town

We were so lucky to have a visit from Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Jana with her kids Landon and Ellie, and Aunt Carla with her daughter Addy.

 They had a most eventful arrival filled with many things that we can laugh at now but were a bit frustrating at the time. 
We visited the JFK memorial and "grassy knoll" on downtown Dallas. 

 Monday morning we headed off early in a big 12 passenger van toward Waco to visit the Magnolia Market Silos. 

 We shopped a little, played a little, and ate some tasty treats from the bakery! 

 It was tiring for all of us! 
 We stopped for a late but delicious lunch in Waxahachie. 

We also enjoyed some lovely time in the pool. 
It makes my heart happy to see my kids enjoying time with their cousins and making memories and forming relationships that I pray will bring them joy and happiness.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

May: Our family through each member's eyes

One night for family home evening Lily asked all to draw a picture of our family. It was really a fun activity. 
Almost all of us even included Frank! 

May: May Day, Crawfish Boil, Mother's Day

 We started May with kites, 
 May pole activities, 
 pictures of some pretty girls, 

 pictures of a silly Dad, 
 Samantha posing with the lilies, 
 and a picture of me while at work. 
 Muffins with mom at the school was delightful- we had a photo bomber. 
 Mother's Day came and Peter surprised me with this fantastic shirt he made me. I apparently am a saint! 
 We had so much fun at my work crawfish boil that we decided to do one of our own. Peter researched it and bought the supplies and we invited some friends. 
 Look at those happy little crawfish! 
 This is a simplified version of a king's cake- it was all eaten! 
 Carlos Cruz served his mission in New Orleans, LA and was thrilled to participate in our boil! 

 There was so much food! We ate until we were stuffed! 

 Mother's day was lovely with this massive card, shrimp and crawfish etouffe made by Peter as well as homemade cream puffs/eclairs. 
It was fun to spend the weekend doing so many fun things and enjoying the company of good friends. 

April: the last little bits

I showed up to a ward conference and the three of us had dressed in coordinating colors. We joked that we were like bridesmaids at a wedding. 
 Lily lost her first tooth! 
 Our good friend Ryan, stopped by and agreed to a it of a tea party with the girls. He is a good sport. 

 Samantha wanted a picture with Grandma and Grandpa when they came to watch the kiddos while we were away. We enjoyed having them sty for a few days to play. 

 Joseph was selected by the teachers at his school as a STEM scholar. He was given free tuition to a STEM camp offered through the district for a week during the summer. We are so proud! 

And we finished April off with a crawfish boil at my co-worker's house. He is from Louisiana and did this for everyone and their families. It was so much fun! Peter was in heaven and the kids had so much fun playing with his kids and eating the crawfish! 

April: Getaway to Broken Bow

The way that this trip came about is not what is really important just that it happened. 
Peter and I had not been away for three years and it was time for a little getaway. Peter found a great deal on flights from Salt Lake and so my parents flew down and watched our kids for a few days while we went to Broken Bow, Oklahoma. It was beautiful! 

 We had so much fun ziplining! 

 The zipline company has you sign your name to their bus, so don't worry this was authorized vandalism. 
 We had a great night of sleep and then after then went for a bit of hiking in the morning. 
There were storms forecast for that afternoon and evening so we wanted to get some outdoor time in before that hit. 

 The scenery was breathtaking but the company was the best part! 

 There was a visitor's center that had a history display about the logging industry in the area and it was really neat to read about. I was particularly touched by this note about women: "The contribution women made to camp life was vital - though it was hard. The women began their day at 4:00 am and spent the day washing, ironing, cleaning, tending a garden, cooking, sewing, taking care of infants, pre-school children and livestock. All the work was done by hand and from scratch.  However, looking back, many women viewed those times as some of their happiest days."
I was reminded of a story my dad told me of his mom when they lived at the road construction camp one summer. She ended up being the cook for the camp and baked bread and all of the meals for a whole camp full of men and cared for her own children. I don't know if that was the happiest time of her life but I know my dad thinks of it with fondness. 
 There was also a display of pieces that had been entered into a wood working competition. This amazing portrait is made from little discs of different colored wood. 

 We ate some delicious pizza at the Grateful Head Pizza place and while there, it began to rain. And it rained the rest of the afternoon and evening. We watched some movies and enjoyed the hot tub at our cabin. 

We could not resist stopping at the Eiffel tower in Paris, TX for a photo. It was a really windy day. 
I am so thankful for the few days we had to get away, they were much needed.