Wednesday, February 21, 2018

January 2018- Booths in Town

We were so lucky and had the blessing of having the Booth family head down from Chicago or a visit the second week of January. Anthony had 2 teams playing in a hockey tournament here in Dallas and so Kelsey and the girls came along. The kids were all so happy to see each other! And Kelsey and I had a great time talking- in fact one of my kids commented on it saying that must be what we liked to do best because we did a lot of it. It was so much fun! 
 Their sleeping positions were cracking us up but they were all sleeping! 
 This sweet Lucy girl! She is such a doll! 
 We made a trip to the Perot Museum while my big kids were at school. It was so much fun to play! 

 Saturday morning we tried our hand at roller skating lessons. The kids all did pretty well. 

 But ultimately they just had fun hanging out, playing, watching movies, laughing and so on! 
 We grown ups headed downtown for a hockey game and had a great time. 
 The kid sitting right next to us had a birthday and so the mascot brought him a special prize. 

 Sunday was so fun with cousins joining us. Jon loves babies and was having a great time with baby Lucy. 
 Homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert on Sunday was so delicious! 
 Monday morning the weather was still pretty nice and so we headed to the park and soaked up some sun! 

 We went and watched one last hockey game on Monday!
 They won the tournament and were given this incredible trophy. A silver boot- seriously awesome. 
Parting is such sweet sorrow- there were tears from more than one girl over this departure. We are looking forward to this summer and the Rabner Family Reunion with great anticipation! 

1st Week of January- last week of Christmas break

For the last several years, we have hosted a Christmas or New Year's Eve party with an international theme.  We have loved this tradition and the kids have become very excited about it.  This year with Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve being on a Sunday we found it a bit tricky scheduling the party. We finally settled on New Year Day - night. And the kids came up with the very fun idea of doing an international hamburger theme. 
We made: apricot kissed turkey burgers, regular hamburgers, Korean burgers, Italian burgers, Greek burgers, and Southwest burgers and bratwurst and hot dogs. There were all sorts of toppings: 10 different kinds of cheese, multiple mustards, sauerkraut, lettuce, tomato, pickles, pesto, pasta sauce, horseradish, jalepenos ... you get the idea. If it could be a topping we tried to imagine it and have it there. And then we had traditional sides: chips, tater tots, fries, potato salad, coleslaw, and baked beans.  We invited friends to bring the desserts. 
This party was very heavy in the prep work. I spent hours in the days leading up to the party making and freezing mini burgers (we did slider sized patties so that guests could try multiple flavors). But it was a delightful evening. 

 Alas, the above pictures are all that I have of the night and they were taken by the two little girls in the first 2 pictures who stole my phone as the night was coming to an end. We had already put most of the tables and chairs away. Oh well, we will just have to rely on our memories for well, the memories. 
 I just realized that these pictures are out of order but the first Sunday in January was Samantha's first Sunday in Primary. She was so excited to go in. She was not sad or nervous at all. She has since become a bit sad about it but this past Sunday she gave the scripture for opening exercises and she was so big and brave! 
 She was even given this super cute crown! 
The boys had scouts during Christmas break and so we took the girls for some roller skating fun! 
 Lily was skating on her own by the time the night was over! 

 This girl was so strong and did great in her hand me down roller blades. 

 I love that man behind that little girl! He is so amazing with our kids! 
 On another day of Christmas Break, I made all of the kids work on a sewing project. 
Joseph sewed on his merit badges. 
 Lily worked on her costume for Destination Imagination. 
Jon sewed on some missing buttons and patched a hole, then he helped Samantha with her sewing project. 
 Arabella finished a sewing craft from activity days. 
 There really was very little grumbling and groaning about the whole thing.
And this is a picture of Peter with the amazing cobbler he made for us one Sunday night in early January. This man has skills in the kitchen. He is so quick to meet my needs and wishes. He is my Wesley- "As you wish!". It seems that all I have to do is ask. I hope he knows just how much I love and appreciate him. He is really a hard person to spoil with a surprise but someday I will have the perfect surprise and he will feel spoiled and I will feel like I have begun to repay his wonderful love and service to me and our family. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

New Year's Eve - December 2017

We had a lovely time on New Year's Eve.
We ate (again I can not remember what) but I did make eclairs. 
This was a lovely treat. 
We watched movies and did puzzles and sat by the fire. 
Then Peter made the night fantastic by finding a really old box of fireworks. It had some sparklers, snaps, and flowers. 
 I believe this is the first time Samantha had ever played with a Sparkler. 

Samantha did not make it to midnight but the rest of us said farewell to 2017 and hello to 2018 together. I look forward to all that 2018 has in store for our family! 

Christmas - December 2017

Christmas is Magic! 
We had such a wonderful and relaxing day. 

 We were blessed to have the missionaries over for Christmas dinner and some games. 
I can not even remember what we ate but we sure had fun playing our new game of Speak Out.  

I do not remember the last time I laughed so very hard!