Friday, May 19, 2017

Easter 2017

We had a god time decorating Easter Eggs.
At the beginning of April, my work had an Easter event and the kids and I had a good time attending. 

The Easter bunny was very clever this year and lead each child on their own scavenger hunt. 
They all ended up at the same spot and each child had one word in their egg and they had to combine the words to figure out what to do next. 
They had to pull down the attic stairs and that is where they found an Easter pinata! 

Bunny shaped cinnamon twists to go with the Easter Eggs and way too much candy! 

We clean up pretty well! 
I am so thankful for my Savior! I know He lives and that it is only through Him that I will be able to return to live with Heavenly Father and have these wonderful people with me. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Arabella Field Trip - Fort Worth Zoo

I had a really fun time with this little lady and her classmates at the Fort Worth Zoo. 
 This zoo is the best place to feed birds.  I have always loved it. 

 They loved posing for pictures. 

I hope my kids know how lucky they are to get to go on field trips to really fun places. 
I know I feel lucky that I am able to go on most of their field trips. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Samantha's Birthday

Samantha is such a joy in our family! 
I can not believe she is 3!

 Look at that girl! She was so excited for her day and yet she spent it at a friend's house because I went on a field trip with Arabella. 
Miss Melissa treated her to Chikfila for lunch and some tsum-tsums. 
 Peter was really sad that he did not get to maker her a birthday cake but we had a few crazy days and so I went with a store bought one and she picked the one with the carrots. 
 She did not really know what to think about the carrot when she ate it. 

 New swimming suit from her cousins. 
 New letter magnet toy from her brothers and sisters.
 New bike from Mom and Dad.
 It is a birthday party year for our family and so Samantha had her first party! 
 It was fun to do an Easter egg hunt since her birthday was just before Easter. 

She was so excited to deliver the invitations to her friends and then to have them come.  
She of course enjoyed the gifts, treats, and cupcakes but I think most of all she loved being the center of attention. 
I am a bit sad that I only have 2 years left with this little chickita! I am looking forward to next school year when she and I will have some free days each week to play and go on adventures.  I pray that I will make the most of this time. She is truly my joy! 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

General Conference

I love General Conference. 
I love spending two days with my family. 
I love the snacks and treats and traditions.
I love that my children are learning to listen more and play less.
I love that they are picking up on what the speakers are saying. 
I love that I gain insight, inspiration, and strength. 
I love the gospel!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

March Ends

At the end of Spring Break, we went camping overnight with our friends the Miller's. It was super windy in the afternoon but it slowed and turned into a lovely evening. 

 We camped next to the scout troop, so Joseph slept in his own tent and ate his meals with the scouts.  It was a really fun weekend! 

 That Saturday was my birthday- 38 years young! 
Peter made one of my wishes come true. I always said that when I grew up I would make a batch of Oh Henry bar mix and eat it without cooking it (there are no eggs). When I came to dinner, this bowl full of Oh Henry mix was sitting at my place. I did eat some healthy food but I thoroughly enjoyed my mix! 

 Peter's sister Lindsay and her 4 kids came for a visit and we loved having them here. 
 The sandbox and our new swing set kept the kids super busy. 
We found some time for fun at the Zoo! 

This random jar of sand, rocks, and water was an object lesson I used during a family council.
I learned it in my Self Reliance Course I have been facilitating on finances. The jar represents our income- it is a set, fixed amount.  There are 2 large rocks that represent savings and tithing. Small rocks and sand represent all of our bills.  In the course, it talks about how if you put the sand in first (ie pay your bills and needs and wants) and then try to fit tithing and savings in it does not all fit.  But, if you pay your tithing and save first (ie put the big rocks in first) then you can make all of the sand fit as well.  The scripture about tithing and the windows of heaven being opened to us and the blessings being poured upon us came to mind (Malachi 3:10).  So I added the water to represent those blessings.  It was amazing to see how much water fit in the jar with everything else.  If we are obedient and let God into our lives and even our finances he will work miracles. 
 All of the kids were able to come on an adventure to the Perot museum. We had a great time!

Arabella's first General Women's Meeting. I was so excited for her.  I gave her a notebook to take notes and she asked me what sort of things she should write down. I explained what I do and I loved watching her trying so hard to recognize the promptings of the spirit while she was listening to the speakers and then recording those things. She is a great daughter or God and she teaches me all of the time. I love her! 

And then there was this! A crazy hailstorm that caused all kinds of damage.  I was at work and we did not even get a drop of rain.  Peter said it sounded like someone was taking a sledge hammer to our roof.  We are getting a new roof and a few other things repaired to the outside of our house.  
Peter's truck did not fair too well. He has a new windshield and needs a new hood and a roof on his truck.  It was intense.  

And then there is this lovely photo.  She climbed up next to the mannequin and insisted I take her picture.  She is so funny!