Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tour of America Day #9

Saturday, July 22, was Ryker's birthday and we had so much fun spending the day boating on the lake. We would ride on the tube and in the boat and then when we got too warm we would stop and jump in and swim around for a bit to cool off. 

 Getting my baby fix, thanks Baby Pyper! 

 There was an island that had 2 rope swings on it. We stopped and played for a bit. Samantha was hands down the bravest child especially after she figured out how to let go at the right time to fall in the water. She initially would only let go if Peter or I were in the water to catch her and then she became so brave she did not really want help. 
There was a bigger rope swing that Peter did great on and not to be out done by him I did too. I screamed the whole way and closed my eyes too, which I regret because I did not really get to see how high I went. I was not brave enough to do it a second time. The platform was not bad but you had to climb up on a wobbly board that was like 18 inches long and 2 inches thick, partially split, and twisted down about 2 inches when you stepped on it. I can do crazy things! Samantha was the daredevil of the day for sure! 
That night after some dinner and birthday cake the kids were super excited to watch the new Descendants 2. It was so much fun to end our great trip with some quality cousin time. 
I hope that we will be able to have many trips where we spend time with friends and family! 

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