Sunday, August 13, 2017

Tour of America Day #2

We started our day at Mammoth Caves (not named after mammoths the animal but for their size) where we went on two tours of some different areas of these extensive cave system. I loved the history of the caves. Peter and I felt an awe at the spirit of adventure, courage, and discovery in the early years of the cave. It was not just men but women as well. 
If you find yourself in Kentucky, we highly recommend visiting this place.  
 We made sure to take lots of selfies together while on our trip. 
 We quickly discovered why infant/child carriers or backpacks are not allowed. There are many areas where you must duck or bend in odd angles to pass through. There were so many stairs but the kids did great. We helped Samantha with a lot of them but she was quite strong. Each tour had at least 300 stairs. 

Arabella and Frozen Niagara. 

We asked a couple to take a picture of our whole family. It was so green and beautiful there. 

We would like to thank Burger King for the amazing deal of 2 cheeseburgers, a fry and a drink for $3.49.  It was a perfect meal and we got crowns!  

The Royal Couple
We drove from Mammoth Caves to Independence, OH. That hotel room was the worst of them all. It was a smoking room and smelled horrible but the hotel was booked completely so we made do. We all fell asleep quickly and were thankful for a place to rest. 

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