Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Tour of America Day #4

 We went international on this trip- The Canadian Border Crossing.
 We were hopeful this would be a quick show them our passports and the kids birth certificates and answer a few questions but alas no. They were shocked we had driven from Texas. Then asked Peter if he owned any firearms. Peter being honest said yes some rifles for hunting. The guard then asked if we ever travel with them. No, unless we are hunting or moving. Did we have any with us now? No. A few more questions- what are your professions.... And then another, are you sure you do not have any firearms with you? No. Okay, well you will need to pull over to that parking space by that building and some officers will be with you shortly, do not get out of your vehicle. 
Then 3 officers came out and asked us to all get out of our car and proceeded to search the whole car. They asked what was in the rooftop carrier and Peter said luggage. More specific sir. Clothes, toiletries. The kids were really curious and we were just praying that the kids would not say something (not sure what) that would cause more questioning. After about 5 minutes, they let us back in our car. Crazy! 
 We parked a little ways away from the main action but it was free! 
 Niagara's Fury- it is a little video about the history of Niagara Falls and then you go into a room and stand on a platform that shakes and rumbles and water is sprayed at you and mist as you experience the formation of Niagara Falls. 
 Journey Behind the Falls
I don't know that this part where you go down a tunnel and stand behind the falls is really that impressive but there is an observation deck that you can walk out on that provides an upclose view of the falls. 
 So much water! 

 We had a lovely walk down to our next adventure and were able to have this lovely view of the American Falls. I think they are truly breathtaking with the cascading rocks. 

 We all loved the ride on the Hornblower. There was some wind and so the mist was spraying all over us. We were all soaked by the end of the ride. It felt good. 

 After the hornblower and some snacks we rode the bus down to the River Walk. 
This is a must see in my opinion. There is some incredible power in the water that is rushing down this river from the falls; huge rapids and waves. It is a true force of nature. 
 We then rode the bus again up to the butterfly conservatory. 
Jon was the butterfly whisperer. He had more butterflies land on him than anyone else. Samantha did finally have one land on her but we did not catch it on camera. 

We ended our time in Canada with some souvenirs at Niagara and then headed to Walmart for some Canadian candy and treats. 
There were a ton of cars crossing the border and so that took a really long time but we were eventually moving along and made our way to Manlius, New York and the Boyer family's house where we stayed two nights. It was such a joyous reunion with friends we had not seen in 14 years. Our kids totally hit it off and played so well together. At one point on our drive home, at the end of this trip we asked where the kids might like to go on a future trip and there was more than one vote to visit the Boyer's again. 

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