Saturday, August 19, 2017

17th Anniversary!!!

17 years ago on this day, even on a Saturday, we were wed for time and all eternity! 
We were young and so in love. We had a great friendship that finally worked into a romance when all of the pieces fell into place and we stopped getting in the way of what was our destiny. We had a crazy engagement, with me out of the country for most of it. We were wed a mere 18 days after returning to the country. Our wedding day was a dream! Our honeymoon was a great start to our marriage. Our reception was beautiful and rainy but full of so many great memories! 
We tried to take a selfie at each of the different places we went on our trip and it seems a perfect tribute to this man I love so much! We are not great at taking selfies, nor did these load in order but I pray we have decades more full of opportunities to take pictures and make memories and fall further in love with one another. 
 Mammoth Caves, Kentucky
 Niagara Falls, Canada
 Niagara Falls
 Niagara Falls
 Niagara Falls
 Palmyra, New York - Sacred Grove
 Mammoth Caves, Kentucky
 Kirtland, Ohio
 Niagara Falls
 Susquehanna River
 Hartford, CT Temple 
 Gettysburg, PA (Lincoln seemed like a fitting photo bomber.)
 Huntsville, AL Space and Rocket Center
After we finally made it home. 

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