Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tour of America Day #8

 We again woke up early and hit the road. 
We had a destination- Huntsville, AL where our cousins the Wood's were going to meet us at the Space and Rocket Center. 
We made really good time and did a little miscalculation on the time zone time change and made it there a bit earlier than planned.
 No problem, we went to a park and ate lunch and simply spent some time out of the car or in a different car. 
It was so hot! That is when I knew we had made it back to the South and some serious humidity! 
 We had a great time at the Space and Rocket Center. It was Space Camp Graduation day and it was pretty cool to see all of these kids dressed in space camp uniforms walking around. My kids used to love to watch the movie Space Camp. 

 We loved the hands on exhibits and it was not too busy so we were able to try so many of them. 
 My astronauts! 

 The rock climbing wall was so much fun! 

 Lindsay is a serious climber! She has skills! 
 Brady, Lindsay, and Peter. 
 Peter just missed on his first attempt but was successful the second time. 
 The whole gang! 
 Our family
 After the rockets, we went to a yummy taco truck/bus for some great mexican food. Then we headed to Guntersville and the Wood's house for some relaxation and swimming time. 
Happy, happy children. 
The soap suds on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath was so much fun, we have done it a few times at home since. 

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