Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fun With Grandma

When the girls found out that Grandma Bird was going to come while Peter and I were at camp, they were so excited! 
The girls had swimming lessons while Grandma was in charge and they did great! 

 We had fun doing several things with Grandma: Friday night after shopping most of the day we had delicious Pei Wei, Saturday night we went to a pool party, Sunday we had the Elders for dinner, Monday we wen to the zoo, out to eat and then we went to see Cars 3. 

 As you can see we had a great time feeding the birds at the zoo. 
 Grandma joined the girls in a little silly couch time! 
I told my mom that we needed to get a few pictures of us together and yet this is the only one we took! Isn't it a beauty! 

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