Wednesday, July 12, 2017


We were lucky enough that Jon and Joseph were both able to go to scout camp this year. Jon does not turn 12 until December but Peter volunteered to go as a leader for half of the week (the assistant scout master could not stay the whole week) and the other leaders were willing to take Jon along. 
 They both had a great time! This was Joseph's third year at camp and so he was able to do some really fun merit badges including the climbing one. 
 It was really challenging for him - he does not love heights but he was brave and did great! 
 This picture makes me happy! 
 Good looking scouts! 
 The camp is called Slippery Falls and these are the falls! They are huge smooth rocks with water flowing over them and as you can see the boys loved it! Jon and Joseph both managed to tear their swimming suits riding the falls- this seems to be the favorite story from camp. 
 I was lucky enough to be asked to be a lifeguard at Girls' Camp. 
It was so much fun, while it lasted! 
 The lip sync night was so much fun! 
Later that night we were helping the stake leaders with a few things when they informed us that their was a situation that needed some attention. A few girls had been found to have head lice. They had treated 2 girls. One particular ward had 2 really bad cases. As we were checking all 36 girls, I was asked to treat one of those really bad cases. By the time I got back the total was 11 cases. It was late when I went to bed and the leaders from that ward were at their wits end and the stake leaders were trying to decide what the best course of action would be. It had been a long day and I was on my way to change into my pajamas when I was walking past the building between my cabin and the bathrooms, it was as if time slowed down. (that was a run on sentence so I will start a new one) As I walked past the window, I saw one of those ward leaders getting a blessing from 2 of the priesthood brethren that were up there.  I can not adequately put into words the calm and peace that I felt and could see in her face.  I wanted to run to all of the girls in the camp and bring them over so that they could see and feel what I was. This was what the gospel was all about- the power of the priesthood and the calm and peace that comes from faith in Jesus Christ. I was so very touched but kept walking and in the next room, which is an open air room, I saw and heard the stake leaders with heads bowed and the high councilman over the young women praying out loud for guidance to know what to do.  These women had put countless hours into this event and some of the best was yet to come- most of the really good spiritual activities.  But again, I was carried along on a spirit of peace and calm. 
The next morning the rest of the leaders were told and at least 5 mores cases of lice were found between 2 other wards (some wards did not even check) and it was decided to head home by that night. We spent the day doing a few activities and packing. It was a sad end to a wonderful camp! 

But the other most powerful part of this story is my own personal experience with prayer and priesthood that next morning. Peter called me early Thursday morning (6:30) from his camp and was not in good shape. He had made it to camp the night before and had a great night and a good run that morning. As he was showering, he had a sudden and horrible pain in his flank down to his groin. He has had this pain one other time 3 years ago when he passed his first kidney stone. I could not believe it- he was suffering and I was far away and did not have a car to even go to him if I wanted to. As soon as he told me, I said immediately to find Kelly (our ward's scoutmaster) and get a blessing and keep me posted. I explained to him the situation at Girls' Camp quickly and told him I would call in about 30 minutes.  I went to relay a message to some other ward leaders from the stake and as I did so I said a heartfelt sincere prayer- I plead with Heavenly Father. We were serving and trying to help out so that there would be 2 leaders at scout camp and I had certified as a lifeguard and had my mother come for a week so that I could go to girls camp; Peter was suffering and I was far away and we really needed a blessing. I got a text saying that Peter was heading to the ER with a leader from another ward. I called Peter shortly thereafter and he sounded like an entirely different man.  I asked what medications they had given him and he said none. I was so confused.  He told me that he received a blessing, wen to the mess hall and started throwing up, the decision was made to head to the ER and as he climbed into the car the pain vanished.  Not just a lull in between waves of pain but gone. My eyes filled with tears- I knew that this was our miracle.  Miracles still happen and our faith in the priesthood and prayer can lead to many miracles. 
This was long but I never want to forget this and when I then prayed to Heavenly Father in sincere gratitude I promised I would share these experiences with anyone who would listen and testify always of His goodness and power. 
 So you might wonder what these 2 pictures have in common? 
The above is from camp- all of the girls were given black trash bags to put their stuff in. SO MANY black trash bags!! 
But those bags lead to these other bags. I was able to come home early which meant extra time with my mom! We went shopping of course- just the girls! So much FUN! Then my mom helped me clean out all of this from my closet! Oh it felt so good! 
Since my lifeguard certification is good for 2 years, I will get to go to camp again next year and hopefully it will not be shortened by a pest like lice! And Jon will get to go to camp and love it again and Joseph will get to go to high adventure! Time flies and I love all of these great experiences we are having! 

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